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PV production data

Wondering how many Volvo PV 444 and 544’s are being produced? See the table below for the production data per type (note: the Special versions like the AS, BS and CS are included in the A, B and C etc). For detailed information about the various models see History of the Volvo PV.

Volvo PV, P110, P210 & Duett factories and coachbuilders

The Volvo PV 444 was built in Hisingen (Sweden) but also at small coachbuilders in other countries, like Polynorm (Bunschoten, the Netherlands) and Beijnes (Beverwijk, the Netherlands). Volvo asked small coachbuilders for assembling kits when their own production capacity was reached. The coachbuilders mainly produced the cars for their homemarket. The Duett was assembled in Oskarshamn (Sweden) with parts which were shipped from Göteborg.

Volvo PV 445 pick-up coachbuilder Funder Denmark
A Volvo PV 445 chassis which is transformed to a pick-up by Funder (a coachbuilder in Denmark)

The Volvo PV445/P110-series and P210-series were assembled by coachbuilders (Volvo itself supplied a rolling chassis to the coachbuilders). Here are the most popular coachbuilders which produced many Duetts (which weren’t actually non-official Duetts), pick-up trucks, convertibles (or: cabriolets and dropheads), vans, hearses, ambulances, and other commercial cars:
– A & G Föreland (Övreby, Norway)
– AB Svenska Järnvägsverkstäder (Linköping, Sweden)
– AKF Auto-Karosserifabrikken (Kambo, Norway)
– Atvidaberg (Atvidaberg, Sweden)
– Björklund Bil & Traktor (Boden, Sweden)
– Borris (Skjern, Denmark)
– Bosta (Gnarp, Sweden)
– Beijnes (Beverwijk, the Netherlands)
– Carbrasa (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
– Dyvik Karosserifabrik (Dyvik, Sweden)
– Floby (Floby, Sweden)
– Floda (Lerum, Sweden)
– Funder Vogn og Karosserifabrik (Funder, Denmark)
– Gladsax (Gladsax, Sweden)
– Grip (Västervik, Sweden)
– Guno (Runtuna, Sweden)
– Hammarlunda (Hammarlunda, Sweden)
– Jige (Säffle, Sweden)
– Kabo (Umea, Sweden)
– Karlaverken (Laholm, Sweden)
– Klippan karosserifabrik (Klippan, Sweden)
– Kvalitékross (Böckline, Sweden)
– Nordberg (Stockholm, Sweden)
– Polynorm (Bunschoten, the Netherlands)
– Ringborg (Norrköping, Sweden)
– Sala (Sala, Sweden)
– Skaftekulla (Hallingeberg, Sweden)
– Sölvesborgs karosseriverkstäder (Sölvesborg, Sweden)
– Tranas Wagnfabrik (Tranas, Sweden)
– Valbo (Valbo, Sweden)
– Vellinge karosserifabrik (Vellinge, Sweden)
– Wihuri Oy (Teijo, Finland)
– Yngve Nilssons Karosserifabrik (also known as Nilsson, settled in Laholm, Sweden)

There are many other coachbuilders who produced custom-made PV- and 445-cars but the list above are the most well-known.

Volvo P445 hearse coachbuilder
A Volvo PV445 hearse made by coachbuilder AKF in Kambo (Sweden)

Volvo PV 445 ambulance made by coachbuilder Grip
A Volvo PV 445 ambulance made by coachbuilder Grip (one of the most famous coachbuilders, who made a lot of Volvo PV custom-made cars)

For more information about the PV chassis see PVchassi.com. They also have nice detailed information about the coachbuilders mentioned above.


Production data Volvo PV 444

The total numbers built includes the Special version (like the PV444 AS, BS, CS).

ModelProduction yearsNumber builtEnginePower (bhp)
PV 444 A1944 – 195012.504B4 B40 / 44
PV 444 B1950 – 19517.500B4B44
PV 444 C1951 – 19528.000B4B44
PV 444 D1952 – 19539.000B4B44
PV 444 E1953 – 195431.951B4B44
PV 444 H1954 – 195529.045B4B44
PV 444 K1955 – 195733.917B14 A51
PV 444 L1957 – 195864.087B16 A & B60

Total PV444’s built: 196.004 cars


Production data Volvo PV 445 / P110

ModelProduction yearsNumber builtTypeEnginePower (bhp)
PV 445 A1949-1950500ChassisB4B40 / 44
PV 445 B1950-19521.100ChassisB4B44
PV 445 C1952-19531.150ChassisB4B44
PV 445 D1953-1956777ChassisB4B44
PV 445 G1956-195758ChassisB14A51
PV 445 L195755ChassisB16A60
P-44511 M1958-1960225ChassisB16A60
PV 445 DH1953-19566.389EstateB4B44
PV 445 GL1956-19571.766EstateB14A51
PV 445 LL1957821EstateB16A60
PV 445 PH1955-19561.183EstateB4B44
PV 445 GP1956-19571.813EstateB14A51
PV 445 LP1957964EstateB16A60
PV 44507/081957-19585.112EstateB16A60
PV 445 DS1953-19561.333VanB4B44
PV 445 GS1956-1957736VanB14A51
PV 445 LS1957527VanB16A60
P-445 M1958-196011.891E / V **B16A60

* Chassis means: rolling chassis
** E / V: Estate and Van

Total PV445 / P110 produced: 41.790


Production data Volvo PV 544

ModelProduction yearsNumber builtEngine*Power (bhp)
PV544 A1958 – 196099.495B1660 – 85
PV 544 B1960 – 196134.600B1660 – 85
PV544 C1961 – 196237.900B1875 – 90
PV 544 D1962 – 196327.100B1875 – 90
PV 544 E1963 – 196424.200B1875 – 90
PV544 F1964 – 196517.300B1875 – 90
PV544 G19653.401B1875 – 95

* The Volvo 544 was available with B16A, B16B and B18A and B18D. All production numbers includes the PV Sport.

Total Volvo PV544’s built: 243.996 cars

Volvo PV 544 in production is being assembled in Hissingen
A 1960 Volvo PV544 is being assembled in the Hissingen-plant


Production data Volvo P210 / Duett

ModelProduction yearsNumber builtEnginePower (bhp)
P 21114 A*1960 – 1962159B16 A60
P210 A1960 – 196214.179B16 A60
P 210 B19622.565B18 A75
P 210 C1962 – 19636.300B18 A75
P 210 D1963 – 19647.550B18 A75
P 210 E1964 – 19657.900B18 A75
P 210 F1965 – 19667.150B18 A75
P 210 M1966 – 19677.700B18 A85
P 210 P1967 – 19696.199B18 A85

* Rolling chassis

Total Volvo P210 / Duetts produced:  59.702

Source of the data above: The History of Volvo (a small book which was published every year by the Volvo Car Corporation).

If you want to know more about the history of the Volvo PV and Duett, please also read the article about the history of the Volvo PV.


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  1. JraHarrison says:

    Hello, first this is an awesome website, learning a great deal about my Volvo pickup! I am trying to find out where it was made, and who I would contact to get ahold of that information. The ID tag says P445 08 M , chassis number is 27115. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Volvotips says:

      Thank you for your comment! You should contact Volvo Heritage, they should have a register where all cars with VIN were transported to. Hopefully they can find which coachbuilder made your pickup. In most cases the pickups were made by Gripp.

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