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PV brochures & ads

A brochure or flyer is the best way (for a car manufacturer) on paper to convince a potential buyer to buy a car. It is still used a lot, but most manufacturers are decreasing the number of pages and refer to their website for more info. Of course there was no internet many decades ago and even ten years ago many people still didn’t have internet.

Volvo used very bright colored brochures and ads for the Volvo PV 444, because Europe was recovering from a war and only use dark colors wouldn’t be a turn-on. Bright and vibrant colors should attract the potential buyer and shape a better mood which should help convincing the reader of the brochure. And that for a car which was only available in black when it was launched!

Of course there were some other campaigns and promotion activities, see how Volvo promoted the PV and Duett.

Volvo 444 California folder flyer brochure painting
Very colorful brochures were used to get extra attention

I also added some instruction books, very nice to read and funny to see how things were explained back in the old days. These books (PDF) can be found below. You really should have a look at it, you won’t regret it!

If you have any brochures, ads, flyers or other promotional material and willing to share them, please contact me by e-mail: info@volvotips.com.


Below you can find some brochures, ads, instruction books and road tests (reviews) of the Volvo 444, 544 and Duett. To open a Volvo PDF you’ll need

Adobe Reader (or any other program that can open PDF-files). Enjoy!

Brochures & ads Volvo PV 444 +445 Duett

To open a Volvo 444 brochure or ad (PDF), click on the image and the PDF will open in a new window/tab.

Volvo 444 1946 sheet
Volvo 444 sheet / ad 1946
 Volvo PV 444 brochure 1957 pdf Swedish SW
Volvo PV 444 brochure MY 1957 Swedish
 Volvo 444 1957 flyer PDF
Volvo PV 444 flyer 1957(zoom in & scroll sidewards)
 Volvo P445 Duett 1958 brochure PDF
Volvo P445 Duett brochure 1958
 Volvo 444 1957 magazine ad
Volvo PV 444 magazine ad
 Volvo PV 444 1957 newspaper ad
Volvo PV 444 1957 newspaper ad


Some interesting Volvo PV & Duett PDF-files:
Volvo PV 544 brochure MY 1961 English
Volvo PV 544 datasheet MY 1959 English
Volvo models flyer 1962 USA
Volvo models flyer 1964 USA
Volvo models flyer 1966 USA
Volvo book True family car
Road & Track Volvo PV 444 review


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