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Accessories PV

Which accessories and options were available for the PV or Duett? Here you’ll find the original Volvo and aftermarket accessories for the PV and Duett.

These days a lot of accessories are hard to find, but reproductions of some are now available again. When you’re looking for a part that’s rare these days you should try eBay, volvo-forums or classic car events. Keep in mind a lot of aftermarket accessories are used at several classic cars, like the stone guards for the headlights: most classic cars have the same headlights (like the PV and Amazon have the same lights as the Volkswagen Beetle and many other classic cars). If you’re looking for some nice accessories you should definitely check out other (non-Volvo) webshops for some nice parts. I’ve included a list of websites where nice accessories can be found. You can find the list at the bottom of this page.

In my opinion it’s very fun to get some nice accessories for a classic car. It’s fun to search but it can also be very useful (like tunnel baskets, extra high beam lights) or make your car much prettier. Hopefully you get some inspiration for adding nice stuff to your PV or Duett. Enjoy!

You can find an overview of the most common accessories below. Click on the image for a larger version.

Accessories PV/Duett

Volvo emergency flasher system 279901 PV Amazon P1800 hazard warning lights

Volvo emergency flasher system

Because the PV and Amazon didn’t have a emergency flasher system (hazard lights) Volvo produced a emergency flasher system itself. The partnumber is: 279901. It is only for the 12V electrical system. Hella produced a almost identical system itself and these days there are some other systems that let all indicator lights flash on and off in case of emergency.

Volvo PV search light

Search light

With this search light it is possible to aim (with the handle which is inside the car) at objects in the dark to see what it is. It was mainly used in Sweden to look for house numbers.

Volvo part 277328 headlight protection guard

Headlight protection

With these headlight guards the headlights are protected against stones and other debris. These days mostly used by the rallydrivers. Original Volvo partnumber: 277328 but a lot of aftermarket versions are also available.

Volvo PV woolen seat covers and picknick blanket
Volvo PV Duett seat covers red gray grey blue brown wool
Sheepskin seat cover

Volvo seat covers and blanket

Back in the good old days Volvo introduced woolen seat covers (available in red, gray, brown and blue) and picknick blankets for the PV, Amazon and later models. The seat covers fits also later models. These seat cover sets and plaids are reproduced again but very expensive. Original part numbers: 277263 (brown), 279768 (red) and 279769 (blue-grey) for the seat covers and 277262 (brown), 279764 (red) and 279765 (blue-grey) for the blankets/plaids. Also the later seat covers (made for the Amazon and 140) fits on the PV and Duett, original Volvo part numbers: 277528 (grey tartan), 277530 (red) and 277532 (blue).

A very popular aftermarket seat cover is the sheepskin seat cover. It is cold in the summer (especially on leatherette/vinyl upholstery) and gives an extra warm feeling in the winter. These covers aren’t very cheap and some people hate the looks of it, but it’s a big gain for your PV or Duett.

Also a nice accessory for the winter (if you use your PV or Duett during the winter) is an electrical heated seat cover. Be sure your alternator and battery have a higher capacity because these covers consumes a lot of power.

Volvo PV Amazon chrome exhaust pipe extension
Bear clauw exhaust extension chrome

Exhaust pipe extension

There are many chrome exhaust pipe extensions available. The original Volvo pipe extension has part number 279523.

A very popular aftermarket exhaust pipe extension (or exhaust tip) is the claw-shaped extension (see the second picture, but there are many versions of it). These extensions can be found a lot and isn’t very expensive. They are still in production and can be bought at many webshops.

Volvo Duett roof rack steel wood
Volvo PV steel roofrack 444 544
trunk luggage rack saloon

Roofrack for PV and Duett

Volvo produced two type of roofracks for the Duett: part number 79944 (steel and wood) and 277300 (steel). Also for the PV 444/544 there was a roofrack available, it has partnumber 277492 (277167 is the same but without ski-holders). Later the sedan-roofrack was replaced by a version which couldn’t rust (282336). Of course there are many aftermarket roofracks that will fit excellent on the Duett and PV, including the small trunk luggage racks for the PV 444 and 544.

Volvo tunnel driving basket 277171 including cup holder for PV and Amazon
tunnel driving basket aftermarket Paruzzi for Volvo and Volkswagen Beetle

Tunnel baskets

To create extra storage Volvo introduced tunnel baskets for the PV and Amazon (partnumber 277171) and 140-series and includes a cup holder. Of course these options were also available at other car manufacturers and many aftermarket versions were available. The rear tunnel basket also has cup holders and cannot fit at the front because the gear shifter will smash into it every time you switch gears. In my opinion these baskets are a must-have for your classic car (very useful for a sponge during the winter or a snack during a trip).

Luggage baskets (for in the trunk), aftermarket racks and shelves for on top of the dashboard are also still available.

Volvo spare wheel cover tool case 279731 vinyl leatherette

Spare wheel cover & tool case

To protect your spare wheel for smashing luggage Volvo introduced a spare wheel cover which also included a small compartment for tools. This cover is made of vinyl (leatherette) and has partnumber 279731. Of course this accessory is still made as aftermarket product.

Volvo back up lamps rear PV Amazon P1800 277622 277722 79713
Volvo PV 444 445 reflector set

Back up lamps and mist lamps 6V & 12V

Volvo also made back up lamps for the PV in a 6V version (part number 277622) and a 12V version (part number 277722). Many aftermarket versions are available (like Bosch, Hella, and many other brands) and also a mist lamp version was available. In my opinion these lamps are a must-have if you use your classic car every day.

There is also reflector-set available for the PV 444 and Duett (445). The 444-set has part number 279103 and the 445-set has part number 279104.

Volvo PV Duett headlight headlamp

Headlight warning buzzer

In some countries it was required to have your headlights on during daylight. Volvo developed a warning buzzer system (part number 281377) to remind the driver to turn his lights off when the car was shut down and the doors are opened. This warning system prevents the driver to let the lights on and have a flat battery. Only for 12V cars.

Volvo original cigarette lighter PV Amazon 279700 277238

Volvo cigarette lighter

When you want the exact same design of cigarette lighter for your Volvo you should look for the original lighter (part number 279700 for the 6V and 277238 for the 12V). A lot of universal aftermarket versions can be found for a penny.

Volvo PV Duett parcel shelf dashboard 277498

Volvo parcel shelf

The original Volvo parcel shelf for the PV and Duett is made of elastic nylon with plastic edges. Part number 277498.

Volvo PV Amazon sisal carpet mats set 277422 277424

Volvo carpet set

Volvo made a nice red (277422) and grey (277421) carpet set for the Volvo PV, made of sisal (almost the same as cocos). The picture shown at the left is the set of the Amazon but it’s the same material as the PV’s set. These days many other (aftermarket) carpet sets are available (made of cotton or velours), including sets which also covers the tunnel. Keep in mind these sets are made for the PV 544 and won’t fit into the PV 444 because the 444 has a lower tunnel.

Volvo headrest PV Duett Amazon
Volvo backrest PV Amazon

Headrests and backrests

Volvo made a headrest which should be clamped over the seat (also suitable for the new type of seats of the Amazon). The headrest is made of foam with vinyl (leatherette) and doesn’t contain any metal. Also several aftermarket versions were available.

The backrests (two types, part numbers 277125 and 277150) should support the driver a little more and give some more comfort during trips.

Volvo GT wheel rims Kronprinz Amazon 123GT PV P1800
Volvo Duett with 5,5J GT wheels P210
Volvo PV 544 rally minilite wheels

Volvo GT wheels

A nice option for the Volvo PV and Amazon is the GT wheel (introduced at the Volvo Amazon 123GT). The wheel also fits on the PV and Duett. Original part numbers: 613014, 613017, 672452, 6134B (Kronprinz) or 1538 (Lemmerz). Some people put custom-made widened rims under their Amazon but if it isn’t done professionally it can be a big risk for your safety. I’m not a big fan of widened rims and in my opinion it’s much better to buy original GT-wheels, like Kronprinz, Lemmerz or the German TUV-approved replica wheels sold by Scandcar (the Chineses replicas sold by VP and Nordicar are very poor and dangerous due its weak material).

Very popular aftermarket wheels are the Minilite wheels (as seen on many British classic cars) and Wolfrace rims.

Volvo PV whitewall tire chrome wheel trim ring
Volvo PV wired wheel cover insert
Volvo aluminum wheel trim insert rings 1965 onward
Ravus white walls set chrome stainless steel rings trims

White wall tires, wheel trim rings and hub caps

In the good old days white wall tires were very popular but the PV didn’t get them as standard equipment. White walls are these days hard to get (they are only manufactured in small series) but there are some good options to get a white wall-look on your classic car: white walls which are seperate from the tire. There aren’t many options for it: Atlas produces white wall rings which are fitted between the wheel and tire. But it isn’t a good option: the tire can be damaged and the Atlas white walls loses its paint and makes the tire grey. A better option is the chrome stainless steel ring of Ravus and its white wall set including a teflon layer which prevents the tire to be damaged. The set is inserted like a modern hub cap and works very well! The Ravus set is available with small white band (one inch, 2,5cm) or wide white band (2 inch, 5cm).

Speaking about chrome wheel trims: Volvo sold a set but many aftermarket versions are available. Another classic wheel accessory was the ‘wired’ wheel cover (second picture) for the original old type hub caps. For the late type wheels there was also a polished aluminum insert available (original Volvo, part numbers 277584 and 277585). Another nice option is the chrome hub cap (there was also a matt version available) with red logo. The original wheel rings aren’t available anymore but the hub caps (see the first picture for an example) are still in production but pretty expensive.

Volvo PV stainless steel bumper set front USA 658831 661697
Volvo PV stainless steel bumper set rear back USA 658832 658248

PV USA bumpers

A very popular accessory in Europe is the USA-style bumpers. The USA bumper bar (Volvo part numbers 658831 and 658832) are still in production now and the best version is the stainless steel bar. Also available as complete stainless steel sets.

Volvo bracket with extra high beam lights or fog lights
Fog light high beam lamp classic car style

Fog lights and extra high beam lights

Many classic cars have extra lights for driving at unlit roads or for rally usage. You can search for the original Volvo lamps but they are pretty expensive and aftermarket versions are much cheaper. Light sets which are highly recommended are: Hella, Wipac, Lucas (but beware: they can rust at the reflector) or Bosch. The chrome versions are the most pretty versions for your classic Volvo. You can mount the lights on the bumper or use special brackets for it.

Volvo side mirror part number 276613 276614
Volvo side driving mirror wing 277923 277924
Classic rally mirror chrome oldtimer


The Volvo PV and Duett had only one side mirror when leaving the factory. Installing an extra mirror is easy and cheap. Original Volvo mirrors have blue glass and are still available (part numbers 276613 and 276614).

Volvo also made caravan mirrors (282061) and front wing mirrors (part numbers 276610, 277180, 277181, 277923, 277924 and 281091). A lot of aftermarket mirrors are available, including the well-known rally mirrors.



Volvo radiator blind winter set 79930

Radiator blind

An ice-cold airflow against the radiator won’t help get extra heat inside the car and in worst case don’t even allow the thermostat to open. A radiator blind will solve these problems. Mostly used for extremely cold conditions to get more heat inside the car. There’s a chain from the engine compartment to the interior to lift up the blind while sitting into the vehicle. Original Volvo part number 79930. Some people use a simple piece of cardboard in front of the radiator.

Volvo Bahco 12V engine interior parking heater system PV Amazon 282504
Volvo electrical engine heater 220 volt 281550 281551

Heater for engine and interior

Volvo called it “parking heater system” in the good old days: a heater for the engine and interior. There are two types: one only for the engine (part number 281550 6V and 281551 for 12V) for 220V and a 12V version which also warms up the interior (part number 282504, also known as the Bahco 3500). There are also some aftermarket versions available. An other good solution for the interior is a small heater which is linked to a timer.

Halda tripmaster twinmaster rally Haldex
Heuer Monte Carlo stopwatch dual classic rally car
Volvo Smiths tachometer rev counter 123 GT

Tripmaster and extra instruments

For rallydrivers a Tripmaster (or aftermarket replica) is a very good instrument for trials and competitions. The original Tripmasters are pretty expensive but there are many alternatives which are a lot cheaper. Another good option is an electrical unit (mechanical units will malfunction one day). Please keep in mind a lot of classic car events where a tripmaster or twinmaster is needed the organizers only allow mechanical versions.

Other very popular instruments are a revolution counter (tachometer), an oil temperature indicator, clock or stopwatch, thermometer and compass which all can be bought as an aftermarket version. Of course there are many gauges you can install on your Volvo PV or Duett.

Scheel Mann sport seat classic car

Better seats in a Volvo PV

The seats of the Volvo PV and Duett aren’t the best seats Volvo had made (the ergonomic seats were introduced when the Amazon-series needed better seats). Many PV-owners replaces the original seats by sport seats (like Recaro or Scheel), other owners install seats of the Volvo 200-, 300- and 700-series (of course you need to make own rails and mountings or use special brackets). When you want to replace the original seat please install a new seat with headrest because it is much safer.

Autostyle steering wheel cover lace up sew
OMP racing driving gloves classic
Volvo leather driving gloves
OMP classic wooden steering wheel Monza
Moto-Lita wooden steering wheel Volvo PV 444 544 Duett

Steering wheels and better grip

Not everyone is charmed by the PV steering wheel because it’s very big, tin and smooth (which causes a lack of grip). To get a better grip you can install a leather steering wheel cover (a leather cover which has to be laced up yourself). Some people use tape (the same uni-tape as used on tennisrackets or racing bikes) to get extra grip, but the lace-up covers can be found on Ebay or car shops for only a few dollars.

In the good old days driving gloves were very popular. I really like them but these days people think you’re a complete idiot when driving with it. The retro-look gloves aren’t very good available in stores but are easy to get on the web. Even Volvo itself sells them at their merchandise shop!

A very nice option is to install a wooden steering wheel or any other of sports wheel. You need a special steering wheel hub and of course a nice steering wheel (like a Nardi, Luigi, Moto-Lita or OMP wooden steering wheel). There are a lot of nice wheels for sale these days.

Volvo PV 444 A flower vase dashboard

Flower vase

The dashboard flower vase (aporcelain or plastic version) was a very popular accessory back in the 60s. Of course with a flower in it. It can still be found at many webshops.

Eightball pool gear shift knob for Volvo classic cars
Ebay Jesus God gear shift knob
Gear shift knob
Some people like to replace the gear shift knob with their own knob, like a eightball (pool), a Jesus- or Maria-knob with backlight, skull, leather knob or any kind of other gear shift knob.If you want an unique gear shifter, check out Ebay or various webshops to get one.
Headlight covers eyebrows

Headlight covers

With the “eyebrow” headlamp cover you’ll get a sharper light beam at night. The chrome covers will bend the beam more to the ground. Can be found at many webshops for only a few bucks.

Vosca Volvo PV 444 sunvisor gangstercap
Gangstercap sunvisor Volvo PV 444 red


Another very popular accessory is the sunvisor or “gangstercap”. There are several versions for sale, but the most popular version in Europe is the Vosca sunvisor. Available in transparant blue, grey (smoke), red and green. Other sunvisor-producers also offers non-transparant visors in any color.

Volvo towbar towing hitch PV Duett

Towbar for Volvo PV and Duett

If you have a caravan or a small trailer a towing hitch is a must-have. You also need to install a cable harness and plug for the trailer or caravan. Volvo part number: 277482 (PV) and 277484 (Duett). Please note: the PV or Duett is only allowed to carry a towed weight of 1000kg in most countries. When installing a towing hitch on a Duett, please note the exhaust support must be repositioned to the cross member and the tailpipe must be replaced by tail pipe part 669787.

Volvo classic fm am radio 282340
Elta 7173N2 classic car FM AM radio with cassette tape


The original recess in the dashboard for a radio is smaller than the DIN-format radios these days. A excellent working classic radio is the finishing touch for your dashboard but unfortunately they are harder to get. Check out Ebay or other advertising sites for radios for less money (radios sold on events are in most cases much more expensive). Best buys would be: Blaupunkt, Motorola, Grundig and Philips (the original Volvo radios were made by these brand). New radios in the old format are also still available.

Securon seat belt set safetybelt


Volvo installed seatbelt anchor points since the PV 444 L. If your car doesn’t have seatbelts you should definitely install them. It isn’t a hard job and seatbelt sets aren’t expensive. Always install three-point seatbelts at the front seats. At the rear two-point seatbelts are pretty easy to install, three-point seatbelts are harder to install but with some custom work you can fix it. Thanks to seatbelts it’s possible to use child seats in the PV or Duett.

A very good aftermarket safety belt is the Securon set. Also suitable for the PV and Duett,

Volvo 544 Duett airco airconditioning
Volvo Duett Huke Basart airco system engine hood

Airconditioning in a Volvo 544 or Duett

Thanks to Huke Basart there is a special airco-system available for the Volvo 544 and Duett. It is based on an universal system but with modifications for a classic Volvo. Be sure to install a better alternator and bigger battery to prevent an overloaded electrical system.

Lokari splash screen mudguard wing protection rust

Mudguards / splash screens for Volvo PV & Duett

To protect your PV or Duett against rust you really should install splash plates which prevent water and mud to get into places you don’t want them to be. It isn’t very expensive and it really helps to last your car much longer and it’s a excellent rust protection. The Lokari protectors are the most popular screens for Volvo classic cars.

Volvo fuel tank cap lockable lock key

Lockable fuel caps

To prevent any gasoline theft Volvo introduced lockable fuel caps. Two versions were available: part numbers 79082 and 277360.

Licence plate holder chrome

Licence plate holders

A chrome licence plate holder can be the finishing touch of your Volvo PV or Duett. Be aware sizes of licences plates can vary per country so it’s best to buy it in your own country to be sure you’ll get the right size.

Horn klaxon classic car


If you want your personal klaxon on your car you can install a other sound to your PV or Duett. My Volvo Amazon had a “Tour de France”-horn (but it’s illegal in The Netherlands so I’m not allowed to use it on public roads). Other very popular horn-sounds are: La Cucaracha, the T-Ford (veteran car) sound, streetcar-horn, Dukes of Hazard-tone and cowhorn. Before installing: check if it’s legal in your country to use it.

If you have any suggestions or other (aftermarket) accessories for the PV or Duett: please let me know!


Useful links for Volvo accessories

When searching for nice accessories for your Volvo 444/544 or Duett you’ll have to think outside the box: many classic cars have the same accessories like fog lights, wheel trim rings or roof racks. With the links below you can find parts at various webshops (and sites of manufacturers) but also the original accessories at Volvo-webshops. Of course there are many more websites and shops with accessories, you should also use Google for finding the parts you need.

  • OMP Racing – the manufacturer of various race- and rally-items (all FIA-approved) which also have some nice vintage products. Including nice vintage clothing, steering wheels and seats.
  • VP Autoparts, one of the biggest suppliers of Volvo PV and Duett parts and accessories. They also have the new upholstery for the Volvo PV and Duett. VP sells directly to private customers.
  • Scandcar, the biggest supplier for parts of all Volvo classic cars and also youngtimers. Ships worldwide.
  • Biltema – Swedish store with a lot of car parts and accessories like heated seats, seat covers, tools, high beam light sets. Unfortunately not a webshop and only in Sweden. If you’re in Sweden some day you should definitely visit a Biltema-store.
  • VOMD – Dutch Volvo-parts webshop (mostly Volvo 200-series and up), has some nice tools and very cheap with service manuals and books.
  • Halda.de – Tripmasters, rally-items and some other classic rally accessories.
  • Lenkradshop – nice steering wheels of Moto-Lita, Momo, Nardi and many other brands. Also delivers Volvo-logos for the steering wheel cap.
  • Vosca – sunvisors/gangstercaps of Vosca.
  • Huke Basart – airco-system for PV and Duett, splash screens, sunvisors, roof racks and some nice rare special Volvo-parts which are hard to get these days.
  • Lokari – mudguards/splash screens wing protection against rust.
  • CVI – a lot of Volvo-parts of their own production (including some very rare parts like the lockable fuel cap, baskets and mirrors) and sells directly to private customers.
  • Skandix – German webshop (sends worldwide) with many Volvo parts including accessories.
  • Ravus – manufacturer of the stainless steel chrome wheel trim rings and white walls with teflon protection. Also sells directly to private customers.
  • Elfram – headlights, horns, mirrors and license plate holders. Doesn’t have a webshop but can be found at many Dutch oldtimer-events.
  • VCC Volvo shop – the official Volvo merchandise-webshop.
  • Paruzzi – webshop of VW Beetle and T1/T2. Many accessories are very cheap there and are some of them are suitable for Volvo classic cars.

Of course there are many more webshops and manufacturer-websites, but the list above contains links with products which will fit the PV and Duett perfectly.

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