KdL Automotive Volvo onderhoud voor youngtimers en klassiekers Middelbeers Brabant


All information about the Volvo PV (444, 544, P110 Duett and P210 Duett) can be found at the following pages:

History of the Volvo PV 444, 544 and Duett
All infomation about the development of the Volvo 444, 544 and Duett, including prototypes and modifications during the years

Interior and upholstery of the Volvo PV 444, 544 and Duett
Upholstery color codes and chips (samples) of the various fabrics which were used in the Volvo PV and Duett. Also descriptions of the dashboards, type seats etc etc.

Exterior and colors of the Volvo PV 444, 544 and Duett
The paint color codes Volvo has used for the PV and Duett, and various exterior parts and changes are described here.

Volvo PV & Duett accessories
All accessories for the PV and Duett over the years

Specifications PV & Duett
The dimensions, weight, engines etc which were used in the PV and Duett.

The Volvo PV and Duett buyers guide
A nice PV or Duett is for sale and you’re planning to buy one? Be sure to check these buying tips for the Volvo PV and Duett!

Production data PV & Duett
How many Volvo Duetts or PVs are produced? You can find the answer here! Also the list of various coachbuilders and factories are included.

Volvo PV and Duett wallpapers
At this page you can find a nice wallpaper! Get your brand new Volvo PV or Duett desktop background here.

Volvo PV 444 C Special black with whitewalls

More pages about the PV/Duett will be posted here soon.

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