KdL Automotive Volvo onderhoud voor youngtimers en klassiekers Middelbeers Brabant


All information about the Volvo P1800 (P1800 Jensen, P1800S, P1800E and P1800ES) can be found at the following subpages:

History of the Volvo P1800
A detailed story about the development and prototypes that leads to the Volvo P1800-series. Including changes and modifications per modelyear.

Interior and upholstery P1800
Which interior colors were used in the Volvo 1800? You can find it here! Also description and changes about the dashboard and seats.

Volvo P1800 website pages

Volvo P1800 buyers guide
Want to buy a Volvo P1800? Be sure to check the buying tips for this beautiful Volvo sports coupé at our P1800 buyers guide!



Extra pages about the 1800-series will be posted here soon. Stay tuned!

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