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Volvo color codes

On this page you can find all the information about the paints Volvo used on their cars. A nice color chart with examples of all colors is also included! See below for the samples of the various colors Volvo has used during the years.

The paint color samples are based on the original Volvo-templates, color cards of Sikkens and DuPont and color cards of Motip and some other aftermarket paint producers. It took a lot of time and was a lot of work but I think it’s worth it!

Please note that the colors on your screen may appear different than the color is on a real car. Also the color may be slightly different because some of them are scanned and retouched by me and Photoshop. If you’re planning to respray your car: don’t let the color be based on the chart below but let the paint be selected by the workshop who resprays your car. Enjoy!

Volvo paint color codes

The paint color code can be find on the vehicle identification plate (VIN-plate) which is located under the hood. The code you are looking for is 2 or 3 digits long, followed by a extra code (except most classic Volvos). These extra 2 digits stands for the manufacturer of the paint and the type of finishing that has been used. The fourth digit of the code indicates the manufacturer and the fifth digit represents the sort of paint.

Manufacturers of Volvo paints

The paint usually was made bij Glausarit and Herberts. These days the paints are supplied by BASF (code 1), DuPont (2), Beckers / Kemira Oy (3), ICI (Akzo Nobel) (4), Sikkens (also Akzo Nobel; indicated with number 5 and IVI / local suppliers (8). The manufacturer code 6 was only used for experimental purposes and was made by Lewis and some other manufacturers (mostly local suppliers).

For older Volvo models the following paint manufacturers were used:

  • 1: Max Winkelmann AG / Glasurit. Winkelmann / Glasurit was taken over by BASF in 1965 but kept the brandname until 2010 (now it’s BASF Coatings GmbH)
  • 2: Herberts AG, brandname Standox. Taken over in 1998 by DuPont and also known as DPC (DuPont Performance Coatings).
  • 3: Beckers, since 1986 Alco-Beckers. Now part of the Finish company Kemira Oy.
  • 4: ICI, taken over by DuPont in 1998.
  • 5: Sikkens, now part of Akzo Nobel BV.
  • 6: testpaints delivered by Lewis and some smaller (mostly local) companies.

The producer of the paint can be found at the fourth digit of the paint code.


Volvo paint finishing

The fifth digit represents the type of paint and the kind of finish that has been used:

  • 1 – a solvent based paint or metallic paint.
  • 2 – a waterbased paint with metallic or pearl finish.
  • 3 – a solid waterbased paint with only varnish (non-metallic).
  • 4 – a solvent-based paint with varnish (non-metallic).
  • 5 – a solvent-based paint with a pearl finish and varnish.
  • 6 – a waterbased paint and 2-component varnish.
  • 7 – a waterbased paint and a powder-varnish.
Sometimes you will see a added number at the paint color code, for example -1 (lighter shade), -2 (other shade) and -3 (darker shade). There are only a few paint colors that had a other shade.

In the chart below you can find all the colors Volvo has used from 1944 till now (color codes from 00 until 18 were used for the first cars, army vehicles, busses and trucks). Samples are also included, however the color might slightly vary. I used the original Volvo-brochures and color samples to complete this list. Note: some colors had different names: the color 411 is known as: “Beige metallic”, but also as “Taupe Metallic”, “Gold metallic” and “Light Taupe Metallic”.

Volvo paint color codes table / chart with examples

Color codeDescriptionSample
19 / 019BlackVolvo paint color code 19 019 Black stone Blackstone
20Pearl grayVolvo paint color code 20 Pearl gray grey
21Maroon red / Wine redVolvo paint color code 21 Maroon Dark wine red
22BeigeVolvo paint color code 22 Beige
23Beige + Royal blueVolvo paint color code 23 Beige Royal Blue two-tone
24Beige + grayVolvo paint color code 24 Beige grey gray two-tone
29Robin’s egg blue (Volvo Sport / P1900)Volvo color chip sample code 29 paint P1900 Robin's egg blue
31Midnight blueVolvo paint color code 31 Midnight blue
33Riviera blueVolvo paint color code 33 Riviera blue
35Beige + Midnight blue two-toneVolvo paint color colour code 35 Beige Midnight Blue two-tone twotone
36RedVolvo paint color colour code 36 Red
40BlackVolvo paint color colour code 40 black
42California white / Cascade White / IvoryVolvo paint color code 42 042 Cascade California white
43Red + Grey beigeVolvo paint color code 43 Gray grey red two-tone
44Grey beigeVolvo paint color code 44 Grey gray beige
45Midnight blue + Grey beigeVolvo paint color code 45 Midnight blue grey gray beige two-tone
46RedVolvo paint color colour code 46 Cherry red
47Dark greenVolvo paint color code 47 Dark green
48Golden beigeVolvo paint color code 48 Golden beige
49Black + Grey beigeVolvo paint color code 49 black gray grey beige two-tone
50Grey beige + BlackVolvo paint color code 49 black gray grey beige two-tone
51Grey beige + RedVolvo paint color code 43 Gray grey red two-tone
53Aubergine / purple (Daf/Volvo 66)Volvo paint color code 53 DAF 66 aubergine purple example sample
54Grey beige + Midnight blueVolvo paint color code 45 Midnight blue grey gray beige two-tone
56Olive greenVolvo paint color code chips card 56 olive green
59Pearl grey – Red two-toneVolvo twotone paint color code 59 pearl gray grey red two-tone
61Green / SerpentaVolvo paint color code 61 olive green chips table cart
62Taxi yellowVolvo paint color code 112 taxi rail yellow Dupont RAL
63Signal yellow / KinaroVolvo paint color code 63 yellow example
64Hayanna brownVolvo paint color code 64 havana brown
65Grey beigeVolvo paint color code 65 Gray grey beige
66White/IvoryVolvo paint color code 42 042 Cascade California white
67Slate blueVolvo paint color code example sample 67 slate blue
68Olive greenVolvo paint color sample code 68 olive green Dupont RAL
69WhiteVolvo paint color code 42 042 Cascade California white
70RedVolvo paint color code sample example 70 Red P1800 Jensen
71Dark grayVolvo paint color code sample chip exampe 71 gray grey
72Fawn brownVolvo paint color code 72 example fawn doe brown
73Mist greenVolvo paint color code 73 mist green example
74OrangeVolvo paint color code 74 Televerket orange sample chart example DuPont RAL
79Pearl whiteVolvo paint color code 42 042 Cascade California white
80Graphite grayVolvo paint color code 80 Graphite gray grey
84Desert sand / Golden yellowVolvo paint color colour code 84 golden yellow desert sand example
85Blue-greenVolvo paint color example code 85 blue green
89Light blue / Horizon blueVolvo paint color code 89 Light blue
90Dark blueVolvo paint color code 90 Dark blue
91Light greenVolvo paint color code 91 Light green
94Dark greenVolvo paint color code 94 Dark green
95Light blueVolvo paint color code 95 Light blue
96Pacific blue / Royal blueVolvo paint color code 96 Dark Pacific blue
97Sand yellowVolvo paint color code 97 Sand yellow
98Dark Grey / Pearl grayVolvo paint color code 98 Dark gray grey
99Medium blueVolvo paint color code 99 Medium blue
100Yellow/Safari yellowVolvo paint color code 100 Safari yellow
101GreyVolvo paint color code 101 Pearl gray grey
102Blue metallic / Steel blue metallicVolvo paint color code 102 Steel blue metallic Volvotips
103Burgundy / Maroon / Wine redVolvo paint color code 103 Maroon red by Volvotips Color Chart
104TurquoiseVolvo paint color code sample 104 Turquoise Turqoise blue green Volvotips
105Gold MetallicVolvo paint color code 105 Gold metallic
107Sun yellowVolvo paint color code 107 Yellow
108Sapphire blueVolvo paint color code 108 Light blue
109Ocean blue / Ocean greenVolvo paint color code 109 Light green
110Cypress greenVolvo paint color code 110 Cypress Dark green
111Alpine blue metallic / Light blue metallicVolvo paint color code 111 Light blue metallic
112Taxi-railVolvo paint color code 112 taxi rail yellow Dupont RAL
113OrangeVolvo paint color code 113 Orange
114Dark blueVolvo paint color code 114 Dark Blue
115Sea green metallic / Green blue metallicVolvo paint color code 115 Green blue metallic
116YellowVolvo paint color code 116 Yellow
117Caribbean red / Dark redVolvo paint color code 117 Dark red
118Light greenVolvo paint color code 118 Green
119Sahara beige / Beige metallicVolvo paint color code 119 Beige metallic
120Andes copper metallic / orange metallicVolvo paint color code 120 Orange metallic
121Aleutian blue/Medium blueVolvo paint color code 121 Medium blue
122Mojave beige/BeigeVolvo paint color code 122 Beige
123Shenandoah green / Medium greenVolvo paint color code 123 Medium green
124Volvo blueVolvo paint color sample code 124 Volvo blue DuPont RAL
125Cimarron brown / Red brownVolvo paint color code 125 Cinnamon red brown
126Champlain blue metallic/Dark blue metallicVolvo paint color code 126 Dark blue metallic
127Tahoe green metallic / light green metallicVolvo paint color code 127 Light green metallic Volvotips colour chart
128Carlsbad yellow / Medium yellowVolvo paint color code 128 Carlsbad yellow
129Cherokee red / RedVolvo paint color codes 129 Cherokee red
130Silver metallicVolvo paint color code 130 Mystic silver metallic
131AubergineVolvo paint color code 131 Aubergine brown
132Marine blue / Dark blueVolvo paint color code 132 Dark blue
133Dark greenVolvo paint color code 133 Green metallic
134Avalon / Glacier blue metallicVolvo paint color code 134 Avalon blue metallic
135Coronado gold metallicVolvo paint color code 135 Coronado gold metallic
136Kingsmire green metallicVolvo paint color code 136 Cyprus green metallic
137Artesia beige / Mist grayVolvo paint color code 137 Artesia beige
138Castlewood / Dorango Brown/dark brownVolvo paint color code 138 Dorango brown
139Scotia blue / Mist blue / Light blueVolvo paint color code sample 139 Appalachian blue
140Lexington green / Mist greenVolvo paint color code 140 Lexington green
141Richelieu red / Wine redVolvo paint color code 141 Richelieu red
142Vernon green / Deep greenVolvo paint color code 142 Vernon green
143Dark orangeVolvo paint color sample code 143 Dark orange
144Woodside tan metallic / Brown metallicVolvo paint color code 144 Woodside tan Nougat brown metallic
145Light wheatVolvo paint color code 145 Light wheat beige white
146Cameo Brown / Beige brownVolvo paint color code 146 Mist brown
147Cypress green metallic / Light greenVolvo paint color code 147 Light green
148Seneca red metallic/Wine red metallicVolvo paint color code 148 Seneca red metallic
149Blue metallic (Volvo 343 Special)Volvo paint color code 149 Blue metallic 343 special 1980
150Light green metallicVolvo paint color code 150 Light green metallic
151Onyx Metallic / Brown metallicVolvo paint color code example 151 Dark gray grey metallic
152Light yellowVolvo paint color code 152 Light yellow
153Red brown burgundyVolvo paint color code 153 Red brown burgundy
154Inferno redVolvo paint color code 154 Inferno red
155Signal redVolvo paint color code 155 Signal red
156Signal Green/Racing greenVolvo paint color code 156 British racing signal green R-Sport 343
157Brown metallicVolvo paint color code 157 Brown metallic
158Copper red metallicVolvo paint color chips code table card 158 copper red
159Light green metallicVolvo 240 paint color code 159 light green metallic example chip
166WhiteVolvo paint color code 42 042 Cascade California white
168Blue metallicVolvo paint color code 168 blue metallic
169Green metallicVolvo paint color code 169 green metallic 343 1976
170Lorna gold metallicVolvo paint color code sample chip 170 Lorna gold metallic 343 340 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980
171Orange rallyVolvo paint color sample chip code 171 orange rally R-Sport
172Beige / Rose beigeVolvo paint color code 172 Rose beige
173RedVolvo paint color code sample 173 Red
175Redwood metallicVolvo paint color code 175 Redwood metallic RAL DuPont chart sample
177Graphite metallic / Silver grey metallicVolvo paint color code 177 Silver gray grey metallic
178Green metallic / Silver green metallicVolvo paint color code 178 Silver green metallic
179Brown metallicVolvo paint color code 179 Brown metallic
180Prescott brown metallicVolvo paint color code 180 Prescott brown metallic
182Medium dark greenVolvo paint color code 182 Medium Dark green
183Blue metallicVolvo paint color code 183 Blue metallic
184Silver metallicVolvo paint color code 184 Silver metallic
185Brown metallicVolvo paint color code 185 Brown metallic
186Red metallicVolvo paint color code 186 Red metallic
187Dark gray metallicVolvo paint color code 187 Gray Grey Anthracite metallic
189WhiteVolvo paint color code 189 white
190YellowVolvo paint color code 190 Light yellow
192Light blueVolvo paint color code 192 Light blue
194Blue metallicVolvo paint color code 194 Blue metallic
195BlueVolvo paint color code 195 Dark blue
196BeigeVolvo paint color code 196 Beige
197Black metallicVolvo paint color code 197 black metallic
198Wine redVolvo paint color code 198 Wine red
199WhiteVolvo paint color code sample 199 White
200Blue metallicVolvo paint color code 200 Blue metallic
201Beige/Dark beigeVolvo paint color code 201 Beige
202Dark brownVolvo paint color code 202 Brown
204Dark blueVolvo paint color code 204 Dark blue
205Brown metallicVolvo paint color code 205 Brown metallic
206BeigeVolvo paint color code 206 Beige
207Dark blueVolvo paint color code 207 Dark blue
208Green metallicVolvo paint color sample code 208 Green metallic
209Light beige metallicVolvo paint color colour code number 209 Light beige metallic
210Blue metallic (only used as special paint in 1983-1984)Volvo paint color colour code number 210 blue metallic hellblau
211Red/Deep red / Bordeaux redVolvo paint color code 211 Dark red
212GreyVolvo paint color code sample 212 Gray grey
213Mid blueVolvo paint color code 213 Medium blue
214Dark grayVolvo paint color code 214 Dark gray grey metallic
215Light blue metallicVolvo paint color code 215 Light blue metallic
216BeigeVolvo paint color code 216 Beige
217RedVolvo paint color code 217 Red
218Arctic blue metallicVolvo paint color code 218 Light blue metallic
219Ocean blue metallic / Blue gray metallicVolvo paint color code 219 Blue metallic
220Gold metallicVolvo paint color code 220 Gold beige metallic
221Red metallicVolvo paint color code 221 Dark red metallic
222Dark greenVolvo paint color code 222 dark green
226Light greenVolvo paint color code 226 green
227Slate blueVolvo paint color code 227 Blue
228Dark grayVolvo paint color code 228 Dark gray grey
229Dark redVolvo paint color code 229 Dark red
230Dark blueVolvo paint color code 230 Dark blue
231Bright redVolvo paint color code 231 Bright Red
232Scarab blueVolvo paint color code 232 Blue
233Tico blueVolvo paint color code 233 Tico blue
234Super whiteVolvo paint color code 234 White
235RedVolvo paint color code 235 Red
237Midnight blueVolvo paint color code 237 Midnight blue
238Wine redVolvo paint color code 238 Wine red
239White satinVolvo paint color code 239 White satin
240Turkish greenVolvo paint color code 240 Turkish Green
241RedVolvo paint color code 241 Red
243Dark blueVolvo paint color code 243 Dark blue
244GreenVolvo paint color code 244 Green
247MauveVolvo paint color code 247 Mauve
248Panama yellowVolvo paint color code 248 Panama yellow
249New whiteVolvo paint color code 249 New White
250New redVolvo paint color code 250 New red
302Light green metallicVolvo paint color code 302 Light green metallic
303Pearl silver metallicVolvo paint color code 303 pearl silver metallic
304Graphite gray metallicVolvo paint color code 304 Graphite metallic
305Black metallicVolvo paint color code 305 Black metallic
306Smoke silver metallic / Dark grayVolvo paint color code 306 Dark gray grey metallic
307Light blue metallicVolvo paint color sample chip code 307 light blue metallic
308Beige metallicVolvo paint color code 308 Beige metallic
309Aubergine metallicVolvo paint color code 309 Aubergine metallic
310Beige MetallicVolvo paint color code 310 Beige metallic
311Lavender metallicVolvo paint color code 311 Lavendel gray grey metallic
312Peppermint / pistache metallicVolvo paint color code 312 Pistache blue green metallic
313Champagne gold metallic / biscuitVolvo paint color code 313 Biscuit beige metallic
314Peacock green metallic / smaragdVolvo paint color code 314 Smaragd green metallic
315Hortensia metallic / dark red metallicVolvo paint color code 315 Dark red metallic
316Taupe brown metallicVolvo paint color code 316 Taupe brown metallic
317Piu blue metallicVolvo paint color code 317 Royal Blue metallic
318Paris blue metallicVolvo paint color code 318 Paris blue metallic
319Steel gray metallicVolvo paint color code 319 Steel gray grey metallic
321Dark green metallicVolvo paint color code 321 Dark green olive metallic
322Flame red metallicVolvo paint color code 322 Flame red metallic
324Silver metallicVolvo paint color code 324 Silver metallic
325Pacific blue pearlVolvo paint color code 325 Pacific blue
326Olive green metallicVolvo paint color code 326 Olive green metallic
327Violet metallicVolvo paint color code 327 Violet purple metallic
329Silver metallicVolvo paint color code 329 Silver metallic
332Black metallicVolvo paint color code 332 Black metallic
335Summer green metallicVolvo paint color code 335 Summer green metallic
336Lima tropical gold metallicVolvo paint color code 336 Lima tropical gold metallic
338Autumn gold metallicVolvo paint color code 338 Autumn gold metallic
339Red pearlVolvo paint color code 339 Red Pearl
343Italian blue pearlVolvo paint color code 343 Italian blue
344Linear pearlVolvo paint color code 344 Linear Pearl metallic
345Sydney Bay pearlVolvo paint color code 345 Sydney bay pearl
346Black pearlVolvo paint color code 346 Black metallic
347Titanium grayVolvo paint color code 347 Titanium gray grey metallic
350Peacock green metallic + Smoke silver metallic
314 + 306 for 480 S 1992 two-tone
Volvo paint color code 350 Two-tone 480 S GT Green Silver blue
351Maya yellowVolvo paint color code 351 Maya Yellow
352Tin silver metallicVolvo paint color code 352 Tin silver
353Botticelli pearlVolvo paint color code 353 Botticelli Red
354Virtual blue pearlVolvo paint color code 354 Virtual blue pearl
357Terra grayVolvo paint color code 357 Terra gray grey metallic
400Beige metallic / Gold metallicVolvo paint color code 400 Beige metallic
401Light brownVolvo paint color code 401 Brown metallic
402Blue green metallicVolvo paint color code 402 Blue green metallic
403Silver green metallicVolvo paint color code 403 Silver green metallic
404Light blue metallicVolvo paint color code 404 Light blue metallic
405Silver metallicVolvo paint color code 405 Warm silver metallic
406Dark blueVolvo paint color code 406 Blue metallic
407Blue pearlVolvo paint color code 407 Blue pearl
408Red pearlVolvo paint color code 408 Red pearl
409Wine redVolvo paint color code 409 Wine red metallic
410Light blue metallicVolvo paint color code 410 Light blue metallic
411Light taupe/Beige metallicVolvo paint color code 411 Taupe metallic
412Blue green metallic / Tropical greenVolvo paint color code 412 Tropical green metallic
414Ruby redVolvo paint color code 414 Ruby red pearl
415Fjord blueVolvo paint color code 415 Fjord blue metallic
416Light teal/Green metallicVolvo paint color code 416 Teal Green metallic
417Pacific blue / Nautic blue metallicVolvo paint color code 417 Nautic Blue pearl metallic
418Pearl red/Regent red metallicVolvo paint color code 418 Red Regent pearl
419Pewster silver / Silver sand metallicVolvo paint color code 419 Silver sand metallic
420Amethyst / Aubergine metallicVolvo paint color code 420 Aubergine purple metallic
421Emerald green metallic / Dark Olive PearlVolvo paint color code 421 Dark Olive pearl green metallic
422Turqoise pearl metallicVolvo paint color code 422 Turquoise pearl metallic
423Autumn gold pearlVolvo paint color code 423 Autumn Gold pearl metallic
424White platinum pearl tricoatVolvo paint color code 424 White platinum pearl tri-coat
425Champagne metallicVolvo paint color code 425 Champagne Gold metallic
426Mystic silver metallicVolvo paint color code 426 Silver metallic
427Graphite gray metallicVolvo paint color code 427 Grey gray pearl metallic graphite titanium
428Coral Red metallic / Garnet redVolvo paint color code 428 Garnet red metallic
429Black pearlVolvo paint color colour code 429 Black pearl metallic
430Sandstone Pearl tricoatVolvo paint color code 430 Sandstone Pearl tricoat
431Aqua blue metallicVolvo paint color code 431 Aqua pearl
433Blackberry pearl metallicVolvo paint color code 433 Blackberry Wine pearl purple
435Saffron metallicVolvo paint color code 435 Saffron metallic
436Cassis metallicVolvo paint color code 436 Wine Purple Cassis metallic
437Sandstone metallicVolvo paint color code 437 Sandstone
440Linear pearlVolvo paint color code 440 Linear metallic
441Cosmic pearlVolvo paint color code 441 Cosmic Pearl
442Java PearlVolvo paint color code 442 Java pearl
443Moondust metallicVolvo paint color code 443 Moondust metallic
444Polar blue metallicVolvo paint color code 444 Polar blue metallic
445Venetian red pearlVolvo paint color code 445 Venetian red metallic
446Ash gold pearlVolvo paint color code 446 Ash gold pearl
447Scarab green metallicVolvo paint color code 447 Scarab green metallic
449Mistral green pearlVolvo paint color code 449 Mistral green pearl
450Bright blue metallicVolvo paint color code 450 Bright blue metallic
451Yellow gold metallicVolvo paint color code 451 Yellow gold metallic
452Black sapphire pearlVolvo paint color code 452 Black Sapphire metallic
453White pearl tricoatVolvo paint color code sample 453 White pearl tricoat
454Ruby red metallicVolvo paint color code 454 Ruby red metallic
455Titanium gray metallicVolvo paint color code 455 Titanium grey gray metallic
456Crystal green metallicVolvo paint color code 456 Crystal green metallic
457Flash green metallicVolvo paint color code 457 Flash green metallic
459Dawn blue metallicVolvo paint color code 459 Dawn blue metallic
461Sky blue metallicVolvo paint color code 461 Sky blue metallic
462Flint gray metallicVolvo paint color code 462 Flint gray grey metallic
464Safari green metallicVolvo paint color code 464 Safari green metallic
466Barents blue metallicVolvo paint color code 466 Barents blue
467Magic blue metallicVolvo paint color code 467 Magic blue metallic
468Lava sand metallicVolvo paint color code 468 Lava sand metallic
469Lunar gold metallicVolvo paint color code 469 Lunar gold metallic
470Sonic blue metallicVolvo paint color code 470 Sonic blue metallic
471Willow green pearlVolvo paint color code 471 Willow green metallic
472Oyster gray pearlVolvo paint color code 472 Oyster gray grey
473Shimmer gold pearlVolvo paint color code 473 Shimmer Gold
474Celestial blue pearlVolvo paint color code 474 Celestial blue
475Zanzibar gold pearlVolvo paint color code 475 Zanzibar Gold
476Brilliant blue metallicVolvo paint color code 476 Brilliant blue
477Electric silver metallicVolvo paint color code 477 Electric silver metallic
478Maple red pearlVolvo paint color code 478 Maple red
479Orinicco blue pearlVolvo paint color code 479 Orinoco Blue
480Shadow blue metallicVolvo paint color code 480 Shadow blue metallic
481Cosmic whiteVolvo paint color code 481 Cosmic White metallic
484Seashell metallicVolvo paint color code 484 Sheasell metallic
485Glacier blue pearlVolvo paint color code 485 Glacier Blue pearl
487Ember black pearlVolvo paint color code 487 Ember black pearl
488Gecko greenVolvo paint color code 488 Gecko green C30 S40 V50 colour sample
489Matt gold pearlVolvo paint color code 489 Matt gold
490Chameleon blue pearlVolvo paint color code 490 Chameleon Blue
491Vanilla cream pearlVolvo paint color code 491 Vanilla cream tricoat
492Savile gray pearlVolvo paint color code 492 Savile grey gray
493Caper green pearlVolvo paint color code 493 Caper green pearl
526Light yellow / Kinaro (Daf/Volvo 66)Volvo paint color code 526 Light yellow daf 66
527Green (Daf/Volvo 66)Volvo paint color code 527 Green daf 66
528Blue (Daf/Volvo 66)Volvo paint color code 528 Blue daf 66
530Dark blue metallicVolvo paint color code 530 Dark blue metallic
534Beige metallic (Daf/Volvo 66)Volvo Daf 66 paint color code 534 sample beige brown metallic
540Green metallicVolvo paint color code 540 Green metallic
546RedVolvo paint color code 546 Red
600Shell whiteVolvo paint color code 600 Shell white
601Classic redVolvo paint color code 601 Classic red
602Wine redVolvo paint color colour code 602 Wine red sample example
603Ivory whiteVolvo paint color code 603 Ivory white
604Midnight blueVolvo paint color code 604 Midnight blue
605Atlantic blueVolvo paint color code 605 Atlantic blue
606Classic greenVolvo paint color code 606 Classic Green
607Cream yellowVolvo paint color code 607 Cream Yellow 850 T5R T5-R T-5R
609RedVolvo paint color code 609 Red
612Passion redVolvo paint color code 612 Passion red
613Deep blueVolvo paint color code 613 Deep blue s70 v70 c70 sample example overview
614Ice whiteVolvo paint color code 614 Ice white

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18 Responses to “Volvo color codes”

  1. Simtab says:

    Hello, I have just been checking out the colour codes on this page for my 1984 Volvo 240GL (New project acquired last April to go with my 1961 122S). The car has colour code 200-2, however this is a mid/dark metallic blue and totally different from the colour shown on the chart, which shows a light blue/pistacchio colour. May I suggest that you check out the colour chart since the car is definitely wearing factory paint over most of its surfaces?

    The above is intended solely as constructive criticism.

    Please keep up the good work.

    • Volvotips says:

      Hi there, thank you for your comment!

      The colorsample in the chart above is taken from the original brochure of the Volvo 240, so it should be the right color. But I agree: the color seems a bit too light compared with the color on a Volvo 240 or 740 (a lot of 740s here in the Netherlands are sold in that color). I’ve had a 740 with that color and with a clear varnish on it the color will get darker. I will renew the color in a couple of days in the darker version. Thanks for the notice!

    • Etienne Somogyi says:


      Please kindly let me know whether there is any difference, color, between 200 and 200-2 ?
      Thank you

  2. hpmb says:

    Hi my friend has an old 244 gle with silver and blue and red stripes, have you ever seen that before??

    • Volvotips says:

      Actually I have! There are some special models which had those stripings, and in the 80’s some striping kits were also available. So it might be original.

  3. Gazolba says:

    Here in the USA most 240/740 Volvos seem to be white, silver or gold. I’ve also seen a few blue and black ones. However, very rarely I see a bright red one. Is any information available on what colours were available for what models and years?

  4. skodvin says:

    Howdy, is there any information avaliable on what colour the 240 came in?

  5. Edwin says:

    My l987 GL has code 321 as paint colour which is named maroon on dealers sale docket. I am unable to find any reference to this number in your paint chart.

    • Volvotips says:

      Which type of car is it? It’s pretty strange since the brochure I have here also says 321 should be a dark green metallic color and not the red/maroon you mentioned.

      • Edwin says:

        240 GL sedan 1987 chassis No206091 market type 8624488
        12286 Australian dealer Adelaide South Australia.

        Car is a 240GL sedan 1986 puchased in South Australia
        chassis No:206091 market type 8624488 312286
        Production No: 220.I puchased car from original owner.
        It is the original paint,looks metalic red with a double yellow pinstripe.Thankyou for your interest.

        • Volvotips says:

          It’s very strange, the 321 is actually used for the Volvo 400-series as you can see here: http://www.volvo-480-europe.org/volvo480/colors/321.html You’re sure it’s not 320 or something like that? I will also check the 200-series brochure to see if I can find 321 in there!

          • Edwin says:

            Thanks for info. No mistake with number.Something must have gone wrong in the production phase. These things happen sometimes.

          • Volvotips says:

            I’ve found it! 🙂 It seems some factories had its own paint codes in 1986 and 1987, and guess what: it appeared 321 is one of these paint numbers. So there’s nothing wrong with your car, but something wrong at Volvo when they decided to use 321 etc for the 400-series and S40 & V40. 🙂

  6. hutchinson says:

    Trying to find a colour match for the following Volvo 244DL. I know its not code 113 or 120 as I have had the swatches made and they are not right.
    you can see the original Volvo if you search google images on ‘merckx volvo’.
    I don’t have access to the car so I cannot get the code off the chassis.
    Any help appreciated as I’m left with ordering a series of codes as colour samples to try and match it.
    Many thanks

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