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In this section of Volvotips I will tell something about general maintenance for your (classic) car. Specific serviceguides for the various Volvo models can be found at the modelpages (see the menu above). At these pages you’ll find the general information to keep your Volvo alive.

I am convinced a well-maintained car (with preventive maintenance) should last longer than a car which only will be serviced after problems occurred. Keep your Volvo in a good condition and treat it like it’s your best friend. If you preserve your precious car you’ll be sure you will enjoy your Volvo for a very long time!

The first car many of us bought was a old car between 10 and 20 years old. It wasn’t pretty (the car had better days), it wasn’t very good but hey: it works! And you have something for your own to drive! With the first car maybe your first work on cars started. Most people won’t service their first car at all and throw it away when the car is totally worn, but petrolheads like us love to mess around with their first car (mechanically and visually). Most Volvo-drivers buys a Volvo with a meaning: not because it is a boring car (although Volvo has a bit boring reputation at outsiders) but Volvo is a special car: a safe and robust car which often are very well maintained by Volvo enthousiasts. It doesn’t count for every Volvo but most Volvo’s (with service history) are a good purchase. For buying tips check the Buyers guide and the buyers guide for every specific model.

After many years your first car (which in most cases is replaced for many years also) will become a collectible. Some people think you’re nuts but your first car will always have a special place in your heart. A lot of visitors of Volvotips had a Amazon as first car, others grew up in a 240 or always wanted a P1800 and now they can affort one. They are the real Volvo-lovers who will spend much money which will multiply the original purchase price of the car.

Volvo 240 Turbo poorly maintained
The dirty air filter shows the previous owner of my Volvo 240 Turbo wasn’t really a big Volvo-enthousiast

How to keep your Volvo classic car alive

Unfortunately all cars suffers from deterioration, a process that is unavoidable. But with good maintenance you can remain and keep your Volvo alive and running! The best way to preserve your car is to drive it. By driving your Volvo the car will be damaged less than the results of vegetating (which will lead to dried-up seals, rust and congealed fluids). Take your Volvo for a spin at least once a week and it will be much happier than standing on the same place for a while. Also important is the effect on the driver: if your restored Volvo wears out it can be restored. But the driver can’t be restored: a year not driving the car is a year less enjoying the car. Start enjoying your car!

General maintenance & service pages for Volvo

The general maintenance pages will contain the following subjects:

  • Engine oils
  • Greasing and other lubrication
  • Additives and snake oil
  • Filters, seals and gaskets
  • Fuel
  • Wheels and tires
  • Brakes
  • Cooling and heating
  • Brakes
  • Ignition
  • Battery & electrics
  • Lighting
  • Working on your car
  • Exterior and chassis
  • Interior and upholstery
  • Rust and corrosion
  • Safety
  • The environment
  • Tools

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At some pages on this website I mention products, brands or sources. I have no financial interest in any of these products, brands or sources and I only report on my own experience with it or other sources and opinions I fully trust.

Please note: for specific information about servicing your Volvo please check the pages of the model at the menu above.

[These pages are currently under construction]

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