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Winter trial 2012

On February 12 Scandcar (which sells a lot of new Volvo parts for classic Volvos) organized the Volvo Winter Trial in the southern part of The Netherlands and a small part in Belgium. Unlike many other Volvo Classic-events there was no limit in ages of the car or type of the Volvo. And that’s a very good thing! It’s much more fun when every Volvo is allowed to contribute and also delivers much more nice photos.

Thanks to my navigator (and brother-in-law) Mike we finished second in the Winter Trial and won a nice service package (which includes oil, oil filter, working gloves, brake fluid and a oil collector). Mike doesn’t own a Volvo yet (he drives a ’85 Mercedes-Benz 190) but after this Volvo event he’s sure he will buy a Volvo one of these days.

Here are the pictures I took of this Volvo rally. Enjoy!

Click on the image for a larger version (will open in a new window/tab).

 Volvo Amazon 121 early type
A very nice Volvo Amazon 121 early type
 Volvo PV 444 1951 1953 cuckoo fixlight
’51 Volvo PV 444 B-series with a “Cuckoo” fixlight (indicators) on the roof
 Volvo classic car meeting
Installing the rally shield
 Volvo S70 240 245 142
All types of Volvo are welcome
 Volvo classic cars for sale at Scandcar
Inside Scandcar
 Scandcar cars Volvo parts
Nice 240s and 740s
 Volvo PV 444 Cabrio 445Volvo PV 444 Cabrio  Volvo Amazon 480 245
The winner of last year: the Volvo 480 of Tune Nails
 Volvo PV 544 C_rally 1963 MY64
Volvo PV 544 C-series in rally-trim
 Volvo parking like a Belgian
Close parking
 Volvo 1800 E P1800E 1971 white
The Saint
 Volvo 240 yellow Amazon black
A yellow ’86 Volvo 240 and a ’67 black metallic (resprayed) Volvo Amazon 131
 Volvo 240 Van service car
Volvo 240 Van with nice front spoiler
 Volvo classic cars meeting event
Various Volvo classic cars
 Volvo 240 Turbo Estate 1985
Volvo 240 Turbo in excellent condition
 Volvo 240 Polar Estate 244 diesel
A very nice Volvo Polar and my 244
 Volvo 240 Estate blackline stationwagon wagon
A nice black Volvo 245 with bignose
 Volvo 240 DL 1984
A ’84 Volvo 240 DL with Draco wheels
 Volvo 144 R-Sport spoiler
Volvo 144 with some nice mods
 Volvo Amazon 244 240
Lunch time at the red building in the background
 Volvo 244 diesel 240 GL automatic Amazon 131
And the other side of the cars
 Pestkerkhof sign
The sign of the plague cemetery
 Pestkerkhof Alphen
Pestkerkhof Alphen, a cemetery where people who died due the plague were buried, far away from the town
 Pestkerkhof description
History of the plague cemetery
 Pestkerkhof graveyard memorial
 Plague graveyard cemetary
The plague cemetery can be found in Alphen (Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands)
 Volvo 240 snow
My Volvo 240 diesel
 Dutch small road
A nice small old road
 Small road Alphen Riel
The other side
 Volvo 240 navigator
Why is navigator Mike so happy?
 Scottish highlander eating
Because of his new friend I guess….
 Scottish highlanders  Scottish highlander smiling
 Volvo 240 XC90 The first Volvos at Koningshoeve  Volvo 145 145S blue
Volvo 145
 Volvo 121 Amazon blue old gray
Nice Amazon
 Volvo 121 120 1200 Amazon black old type
Very nice car
 Volvo 240 Estate blue
Nice colors!
 Volvo 240 245 Van dealer service wagon
Again the former Volvo-dealer service car
 Volvo 240 GL gold metallic 1982
A ’82 Volvo 240 GL
 Volvo 244 GL 480 GT
Volvo 244 GL ’79 and a MY95 Volvo 480 ES
 Volvo 240 GLE 740 spoiler
This Volvo 244 GL has a 740 front spoiler
 Volvo 245 Turbo 1985 silver metallic
A very nice Volvo 245 Turbo
 Volvo 850 sprinkled salted
This Volvo 850 needs a car wash one day
 Volvo Amazon 121 4-door green
A green Volvo Amazon with Ravus whitewall wheel trims
 Volvo P1800S 1964 1800S 1800 S
One of the first Volvo 1800S cars, the first versions still had the old type “cowhorn”-bumpers
 Volvo Amazon first type 1200 121 120-series
Two nice Volvo Amazons
 Volvo parking entrance Koningshoeve
John and his ’77 Volvo 244 GL automatic
 Volvo Amazon 121 122s black gray blue
Again the two Belgian Amazons
 Volvo Amazon Combi B18 roofrack
Volvo Amazon Combi 220
 Volvo Amazon Combi stickers
With a couple of nice stickers
 Volvo 1800S first version cowhorn bumpers
Volvo 1800 S
 Volvo S70 240 Polar Estate
Volvo S70 and a Volvo 240 Polar Estate
 Volvo classic cars snow parking
Nice Volvo classic cars in the snow
 Volvo 244 245 Belgium
Volvo 244 and 245 in white
 Classic Volvo meeting trial rally
We’ll be back next year!
 Volvo 244 245 1979 XC90
My Volvo 244 GL, Mark’s XC90 and Scandcar’s 245 DL


Many thanks to Mark, John, Harwin and Scandcar for organizing this fantastic event! And of course a big thank you to Mike for navigating so well!


© Volvotips 2012


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