KdL Automotive Volvo onderhoud voor youngtimers en klassiekers Middelbeers Brabant

Volvobeurs 2012

Here are some pictures taken at the Volvo Klassieker Beurs (a Volvo event and meeting organized by the Dutch Volvo Club), which is held on October 13 and 14 2012 at the Home Boxx expo in Nieuwegein (The Netherlands).

More videos of this Volvo event can be found in the Volvotips Youtube-channel.

 Volvo 164 165 estate
A very cool custom build Volvo 165 (based on a 145 and 164)
 Volvo PV544 pink rear
A nice Volvo PV 544 which is painted pink
 Volvo PV 544 pink custom paint
The front of the pink Volvo 544
 Volvo PV 444 accessories options
This Volvo 444 has a lot of original options
 Volvo P1800 Jensen red
A nice Volvo P1800 Jensen
 Volvo Duett P210
A Volvo P210 Duett
 Volvo 1800ES white P1800 ES
A Volvo 1800ES in a color you don’t see a lot on this type
 Volvo 760 red
A Volvo 760 in perfect condition


 Volvo 760 cabrio convertible Mellberg
The Volvo 760 cabrio produced by Mellberg
 Volvo 740 760 780 sideview
Side view of the Volvo 780 Bertone, a 760 sedan and a 740 Estate
 Volvo 440 custom estate
The Volvo 440 Estate add-on of Toncar
 Volvo 244 GL silver smoke metallic
Volvo 244 GL in silver smoke metallic
 Volvo 240 sedan gold metallic hydra rims
A very nice Volvo 240 sedan in gold metallic with nice Hydra alloy wheels
 Volvo 164 perfect excellent condition
A Volvo 164 E in perfect condition

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