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Volvo Museum

In February 2010 my girlfriend and I were on a roadtrip in Denmark and Sweden. Of course we visited the Volvo Museum in Arendal (near Gothenburg, Sweden). Here are some pictures I took there, unfortunately not all pictures are really good but you’ve got a nice impression of the museum. If you’re in Sweden you really should visit the Volvo Museum, it’s really nice and there is also a nice merchandise-shop which isn’t expensive (the books and goodies are pretty cheap).

Volvo Museum 2010

Click on the image for a larger version (it will open in a new window). Enjoy!

Volvo Arendal skans Hisingen Gothenborg
The road to the Volvo Museum
Volvo office headquarters
A Volvo building
Volvo Hisingen Arendal road
Again the road, with a lot of snow
Volvo Museum entrance
The entrance of the Volvo Museum
Volvo genealogy history
The Volvo genealogy
Volvo T43 tractor
Volvo T43 tractor
Volvo OV4 Jakob
The Volvo ÖV4 (Jakob), Volvo’s first car
Volvo PV4
The closed version of the OV4: Volvo PV4
Volvo PV4 interior dash
Dashboard and interior of the Volvo PV4
Volvo PV651
Volvo PV651
Volvo YCC concept car
Volvo Your Concept Car (YCC)
Volvo YCC dashboard
At that moment the ropes were removed so it was possible and allowed to take a picture of the interior of the YCC
Volvo YCC dash
Again the dashboard of the Volvo YCC
Volvo YCC interior upholstery seatcovers
The YCC upholstery, which is exchangable with other covers (the car is designed by women, you could expect this kind of features)
Volvo VESC prototype museum
The Volvo VESC concept car
Volvo VESC 240 prototype Museum
Front of the Volvo VESC
Volvo VCC museum
Volvo VCC
Volvo V50 museum
The kids corner of the Volvo Museum: a Volvo V50 with some paintings
Volvo V50 dual dashboard
The Volvo V50 at the kids’ corner also has a dual dash
Volvo TR704 taxi
The Volvo TR704 taxi
Volvo TCC concept cars
The very small Volvo Tandem Concept Cars (TCC)
Volvo Tandem Concept Car
The red Volvo TCC
Volvo Sport Amazon PV544 rally
Rally-versions of the Volvo Amazon and 544
Volvo SCC prototype Museum
Volvo SCC at the Volvo Museum, the C30 is based on this concept car
Volvo SCC museum
The front of the Volvo SCC
Volvo S40 BTCC
The Volvo S40 for the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC)
Volvo PV 831 taxi Museum
Volvo PV831 taxi (aka: the Sow)
Volvo PV52
The Volvo PV52
Volvo PV654
Volvo PV654
Volvo PV60
The Volvo PV60 which was a gift for King Carl Gustav’s 50th birthday
Volvo PV56 museum
Volvo PV56
Volvo PV36 Carioca
The PV36 aka Carioca
Volvo Philip museum
The Volvo Philip prototype

Volvo P1900
Volvo P1900 interior dash
Dashboard of the Volvo P1900
Volvo P1800 Rocket museum
Volvo P1800 Rocket prototype
Volvo P1800 Jensen Museum Saint
The Volvo P1800 Jensen, as seen in The Saint
Volvo P1800 headlight washer
Headlight washer system on a Volvo P1800
Volvo Museum Dutch corner
The Dutch corner of the Volvo Museum, with the Volvo 66, 480 ES, 343 Special and a 440. All cars were produced in Born
Volvo LV28
Volvo LV28 light truck
Volvo LCP 2000 museum
Volvo LCP 2000 concept car
Volvo giant childseats
These seats are a lot bigger than it looks on the photo
Volvo ECC back
The Volvo ECC prototype, the S80 is based on this concept car
Volvo Duett museum
Volvo Duett
Volvo VCC prototype
Volvo VCC
Volvo C70 DTM WTCC scale model
A Volvo C70 Touring Car scale model
Volvo Amazon 131 Polis Police car
Volvo Amazon of the Swedish Police
Volvo Amazon P1200 P120 Museum
Volvo Amazon P120
Volvo Amazon 120 scale model
A model of the Volvo Amazon
Volvo ACC prototype XC90
The Volvo ACC prototype, which should become the XC90

The Volvo ACC2 concept car, based on the V70
Volvo ACC 2 front
The front of the Volvo ACC2
Volvo 940 sedan Museum
Volvo 940 saloon
Volvo 850 854 T-5R museum Cream Yellow
A nice Cream Yellow Volvo 850 T-5R
Volvo 850 Estate BTCC
The Volvo 850 Estate BTCC
Volvo PV 831 taxi scale model prototype
A scale model of the Volvo PV 831
Volvo 780 Bertone Museum
Volvo 780
Volvo 760 GLE Museum
Volvo 760 GLE
Volvo 740 760 saloon crash test
A Volvo 700-series car at a crash test
Volvo 480ES 440 Museum
A Volvo 480ES and a 440 at the Dutch corner
Volvo 480 Turbo Cabrio prototype Museum
Volvo 480 Cabrio prototype
Volvo 343 sport
Volvo 343 rally-version
Volvo 343 Special
Volvo 343 Special
Volvo 263 243 prototype
Volvo 263 fastback prototype
Volvo 262C 245 Polar Italia
A two-tone Volvo 262C and a 240 Polar Italia
Volvo 242 Turbo Group A
The Volvo 242 Group A touringcar
Volvo 240 Turbo red special Gyllenhammar
A 1979 Volvo 244 Turbo, owned by Gyllenhammar
Volvo 220 Amazon Combi
Volvo Amazon Combi
Volvo 3CC concept car
Volvo 3CC concept car
Volvo 850 Estate roadtrip dirty
And that’s how dirty my good old 850 became after 5000km travelling trough snow, storms and a lot of sprinkled salt

Visiting the Volvo Museum

If you want to visit the Volvo Museum, here is some useful information:

Opening hours:
– Tuesday–Friday 10 am – 5 pm (closed on Monday)
– Saturday–Sunday 11 am – 4 pm
– Wednesday 10 am – 6 pm
– Public holidays: closed
– June, July and August: Monday 10 am – 5 pm

– Adults: 50 kr
– Children: 6-12 years 20 kr
– Family: 100 kr
– Free entry for Göteborgspasset
– Free parking.

Volvo Museum
Arendal skans
405 08 Göteborg

How to get to the museum
By car: from the E6, E20, 40 or 45: drive towards Hisingen and then take road 155 (Öckerö/Torslanda). Follow the signs to Volvo Arendal and Volvo Museum.
By bus/tram: Take tram 5, 6 or 10 to Eketrägatan. Change to bus 32 towards Volvo Torslanda via Arendal. Bus stop Arendal Skans. Follow the signs to Volvo Museum which is 100 meter by the sea from the bus stop.

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