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Volvo miniature

At this page you can see my collection of Volvo model cars. Most scale models are bought at events or in a big model car & train shop in Aachen (Germany) called Hünerbein, but some of them are bought in a local small toyshop. And of course at classic car events and shows (like the Volvobeurs and the Wittener Oldtimerfestival).

I never buy modelcars online because in most cases the hunt is better than the catch and most Volvo modelcars I have actually have a nice story behind its purchase. In most cases that story is simple: it’s an exact replica of a Volvo I’ve ever had. I want to have a miniature-version of each car I’ve owned.

Huenerbein Aachen modelcars
The shop where I bought most of my Volvo miniatures

At the moment I own about 40 Volvo modelcars and about 15 or 20 of other brands. It’s not a big collection but it will grow over the years (but I don’t buy a lot, only if I see something really nice). I also have some Volvo-pins, bought at the Volvo Museum merchandise shop. Have a look at the gallery below and maybe you’ll get inspired for buying a scale model or diecast yourself. Good luck!

Unfortunately I don’t own any RobEddie, André Modelcars, Somerville, Century or Stahlberg Volvo miniatures. Maybe I will have some of them in the future. But at this moment it’s a bit too expensive and I don’t have a nice cabinet to store these cars.

Scale model sizes

The most popular scales:
– 1:87 (Ho-models like Brekina, Wiking, Herpa, Busch)
– 1:64 (diecast toy cars like Mattel Hot Wheels and Matchbox)
– 1:55 (diecast toy cars, Siku)
– 1:43 (detailed metal cars like Neo, RobEddie and Minichamps)
– 1:24 (Bburago, Polistil, Revell, Maisto, Revell and Tamiya plastic model kits)
– 1:20 (some Tamiya model kits, Stahlberg)
– 1:18 (Revell, Bburago, Minichamps, Maisto, AutoArt)
– 1:10 (Tamiya r/c)

Rare Volvo miniatures

Of course some Volvo miniatures are very rare, like the André Models, Somerville, RobEddie and Century models. Some Revell-models like the Amazon and P1800 are getting more rare these days because production of them ended. A couple of years ago these models were very cheap but now prices are rising.

Revell Volvo PV 544 red 8887 rare miniature scale model 1:18
Revell’s Volvo 544 is getting more rare these days

Also the Tamiya model kits of the 850 T5 and BTCC are becoming very rare and are pretty expensive these days. I’ve had a 850 T5 Estate modelkit several years ago when I was a kid, but I don’t have it anymore.

Tamiya Volvo 850 Turbo Estate T5 plastic miniature model kit
The Tamiya 850 T5 plastic model kit

The AutoArt collection is also pretty expensive. These miniatures are very detailed and made in small series. That’s why they’re pretty expensive. Very popular models are: the 242 Turbo Group A miniature and the 850 R and T-5R series.

Volvo 242 Turbo Group A AutoArt miniature scale model 1:18
The 242 Turbo Group A of AutoArt

My Volvo modelcar collection

Below you can see my Volvo miniature and pin collection (but the pins aren’t much fun to be honest). Some pictures are not sharp enough because it’s a macro-photo of a very small car model (like the 1:87 ho-models). And of course: dust will appear a lot bigger than it is in real life. But you get a good idea how the model cars look like.

In most cases the miniatures are in mint condition, but for the pictures I unpacked most of the model cars. I also included pictures of the pins and some miniatures which are Volvo-related (in this case: a DeLorean with its PRV-engine and the company Volvo bought to produce small cars: DAF). Of course new pictures will be added if I bought some new modelcars.

I’ve included the material, manufacturer and scale size at the descriptions of the models, so if you like a modelcar you can find it easy on the web. I think all models are for sale at many webshops, Ebay or local shops specialized in model cars. And of course: on events and shows there are (in most cases) sellers of miniatures so you could buy some nice Volvo models at an event or show.

Most of the miniatures I own are in the HO-model scale (for model trains): 1:87. Brekina produces the most Volvo-miniatures in this scale, but also Wiking produces some Volvo-models. The 1:87 scale models aren’t really value for money (it’s about 10-15 Euro for a very small car, 1:24 models are in most cases cheaper) but they have pretty much detail for such a small scale. The models of Herpa are also very nice, but they don’t have many Volvos in their product range.

If you have any questions or comments: feel free to e-mai me on info@volvotips.com.


Click on the image for a larger version (the bigger image will open in a new window or tab, depending on your webbrowser).


Volvo XC90 Schuco 1:72 miniature diecast
Volvo XC90 miniature by Schuco. Scale 1:72, diecast
Volvo XC90 Matchbox scale model toy car
Volvo XC90 Matchbox diecast miniature, scale 1:64
Volvo XC60 diecast scale model miniature 1:43 Rastar
Volvo XC60 diecast scale model by Rastar, 1:43
Volvo V70 2008 fire department plastic modelcars 1:18
Volvo V70 new model, Dutch fire department. Plastic, scale 1:18
Volvo V70 2008 1:43 diecast Rastar scale model car
Volvo V70 2008 by Rastar, diecast miniature 1:43
Volvo V70 2000 V70N taxi scale model car diecast
Volvo V70 2000 diecast miniature, Hongwell 1:43
Volvo V50 miniature diecast model car scale 1:72 Schuco
Volvo V50 by Schuco, diecast 1:72
Volvo V40 diecast miniature model Siku scale 1:55
Volvo V40 diecast by Siku, scale 1:55
Volvo S40 Minichamps Pauls model art 1:43
Volvo S40 by Paul’s Model Art / Minichamps (but boxed as original Volvo merchandise), metal, scale 1:43
Volvo PV 544 racing rally Revell miniature diecast scale model 1:18
Volvo PV 544 Racing by Revell. Scale 1:18, metal
Volvo PV 544 black plastic miniature Busch automodelle scale 1:87
Volvo PV 544 plastic miniature by Busch Automodelle. Scale 1:87
Volvo P1800 1800S white modelcar diecast miniature Revell scale 1:18
Volvo P1800 S metal scale model by Revell, 1:18
Volvo Duett miniature scale model car Brekina
Volvo P210 Duett plastic miniature by Brekina, scale 1:87 (ho-model size)
Volvo classics pins collection 240 pin
A nice Volvo 244 pin of the Volvo Classic Pins collection
Volvo C70 miniature Bburago scale model die cast 1:24
Volvo C70 coupe/convertible metal miniature by Bburago, scale 1:24
Volvo C30 plastic miniature Viking Toys 1:40 combiplay
Volvo C30 by Viking Toys. The same idea as the Combiplay miniatures: big wheels and a adjustable axle height. These cars are made of a soft plastic and the scale is about 1:40
Volvo C30 diecast miniature scale model Welly 1:43
Volvo C30 R-Design diecast miniature by Welly, scale 1:43
Volvo C30 R-Design diecast miniature 1:24 Welly modelcar
Another diecast Welly miniature: Volvo C30 in scale 1:24
Volvo Amazon 131 Anderstorp rally miniature Brekina 1:87 ho model
Volvo 131 Anderstorp miniature by Brekina. Plastic, scale 1:87
Volvo Amazon 220 Combi model car miniature scale 1:87 Brekina
Volvo Amazon Combi by Brekina, scale 1:87
Volvo Amazon clay model miniature
Volvo Amazon clay model, manufacturer unknown. Scale: about 1:32
Volvo Amazon 220 Combi service model car Brekina
Volvo Amazon Combi service car by Brekina, 1:87
Volvo Amazon 131 miniature Combiplay toy
Volvo Amazon 131 by Combiplay. Soft plastic with adjustable wheel height. Scale 1:36
Volvo Amazon 131 plastic miniature Brekina scale models
Volvo Amazon 2-door plastic miniature by Brekina, scale 1:87
Volvo 1800ES miniature scale model Herpa
Volvo 1800ES plastic scale model by Herpa, 1:87
Volvo 940 GLE miniature Neo scale models 1:43 metal
Volvo 940 GLE by Neo Scale Models, metal, scale 1:43
Volvo 850 T-5R pin
Volvo 850 T-5R pin
Volvo 850 Racing Wiking miniature model scale 1:87
Volvo 850 Racing miniature by Wiking, plastic, scale 1:87
Volvo 850 Racing pin
Volvo 850 Racing pin
Volvo 850 Norway police Hongwell miniature 1:43
Volvo 850 Norwegian policecar, diecast, scale 1:43
Volvo 850 Estate miniature scale model
Volvo 850 Estate by Hongwell, scale 1:72
Volvo 850 BTCC racing 1995 pin
Volvo 850 Racing BTCC 1995 pin
Volvo 760 GLE Majorette diecast miniature toy car
Volvo 760 GLE diecast model car by Majorette, scale 1:61
Volvo 760 GLE Estate diecast model car scale 1:24 mint condition
Volvo 760 Estate by Tonka Polistil, diecast, scale 1:24
Volvo 760 GLE 1:24 diecast miniature scale model car Polistil
Volvo 760 GLE saloon by Polistil, diecast, scale 1:24
Volvo 544 Wiking miniature scale model plastic
Volvo 544 plastic miniature by Wiking, 1:87
Volvo 440 Pilen AHC scale model car miniature diecast metal 1:43
Volvo 440 diecast miniature by AHC / Pilen, scale 1:43
Volvo 244 miniature metal Yatming Thailand model car scale 1:72
Volvo 244 metal miniature by Yatming Thailand, scale 1:72
Volvo 244 DLS black 1:87 Brekina
Volvo 244 DLS by Brekina, 1:87
Volvo 145 Polis Swedish police miniature Brekina
Volvo 145 of the Swedish police by Brekina, scale 1:87
Volvo 145 1970 miniature scale model Brekina
Volvo 145 plastic miniature by Brekina, 1:87
Volvo 144 Brekina 1972 miniature scale model
Volvo 144 late type plastic scale model by Brekina, scale 1:87
Volvo 144 1969 Brekina miniature scale model 1:87
Volvo 144 early type plastic miniature by Brekina, scale 1:87
Volvo P120 121 122s two-tone scale model miniature
Volvo Amazon 120 four-door miniature by Brekina, scale 1:87
DeLorean DMC-12 PRV Hotwheels miniature metal diecast scale model
DeLorean DMC-12, with PRV-engine (in the real version of course). Metal miniature made by Hot Wheels. I’ve got it also in black. Scale: 1:64
Daf 55 clay miniature scale model car
A clay miniature model of a DAF 55. Volvo purchased DAF in the 70s.


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