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Elandrun 2012

On April 1 2012 the Volvo Elandrun (organised by the various Dutch Volvo clubs and the Volvo Klassieker Vereniging) was held at the Midland Circuit in Lelystad (The Netherlands).

Since my Volvo 244 diesel is way too slow for a time attack I participate with Kevin (the mechanic of Scandcar) and his Volvo 164. The 164 has a B30E-engine (Bosch D-Jetronic) and is made in 1974. We managed to became 2nd in Class 1 (which covers cars like the Volvo 140/164-series and some other old Volvos). Not bad at all, especially since it’s our first trackday!

Here are the pictures I took that day.

 Volvo 164 R-Sport dash 140 240
R-sport dashboard of the Volvo 164
 Volvo Elandrun Flevoland
Bumpy roads in Flevoland
Almost there!
 Midland circuit Lelystad entrance
Entrance of the Midland Circuit
 Midland circuit Lelystad
The Midland circuit is a oval with an other circuit on the inside (just like Indianapolis and most other ovals)
 Volvo V70R classic AWD
A very nice blue V70R (Classic)
 Volvo V70 V70N R V70R
And the Volvo V70R as a newer version (V70N)
 Volvo V70 Classic turqoise racing
Volvo V70 Classic on the circuit
 Volvo V70 Classic Elandrun
Very nice color!
 Volvo rallyteam Elandrun
Volvo 240 Rally and service car of the Volvo Rallyteam
 Volvo PV 544 C red GT wheels
This Volvo PV 544 wasn’t racing that day
 Volvo Rallyteam circuit
The Volvo Rallyteam also has a Volvo 940 rallycar
 Volvo P1800 1800S red
This Volvo 1800S only drove a couple of laps before getting big troubles with the ignition. The car didn’t run anymore and was transported away with a trailer of the ANWB (the Dutch road assistance)
 Volvo Midland row before entering circuit
Waiting before entering the track
 Volvo meeting Elandrun 2012
A lot of different Volvos
 Volvo Elandrun parking 2012
Some generations of Volvo Estates
 Volvo Elandrun 2012 waiting line 240 850 740 164 Duett
Hey, that’s us! Picture taken by someone else but don’t know who….
 Volvo Elandrun 850 R preparation
Some people brought extra tires and changed them just before entering the track
 Volvo waiting line
Inside the Volvo 164 at the waiting line
 Volvo Dutch rally team Midland circuit
The Volvo rallyteam preparing for some runs on the circuit
 Volvo B30E engine
The B30E-engine of Kevin’s Volvo 164
 Volvo Amazon 131 circuit racing
A very cool Volvo Amazon on the track
 Volvo 1800S racing
The Volvo P1800 in action just before retiring
 Volvo 960 S90 Executive
Limo-racing! A Volvo 960 Executive on the racetrack, very stange to see
 Volvo 960 Executive racing circuit
I’m wondering if the navigator should be sitting on the back seat 😉
 Volvo 960 Executive oval
Another view of the Volvo 960 Executive
 Volvo 940 rally trailer
Volvo 940 of the Dutch Volvo rallyteam on a trailer
 Volvo 940 rally
The Volvo 940 in action
 Volvo 940 rally car racing
The Volvo Rallyteam drove a lot of demo-laps and visitors were able to join them in the navigator seat. So did I, it’s very cool!
 Just before entering circuit
The Volvo 164 just before entering the start position of the circuit
 Next in line
Almost there!
 Ready for starting Volvo Elandrun
Going to the starting position
 Volvo 164 1974 circuit
Kevin in his Volvo 164 flying around (picture taken by Autopics)
 Volvo 164 cornering
The Volvo 164 with a lot of understeer (picture taken by Autopics)
 Volvo 164 braking circuit
And again (picture taken by Autopics)
 Volvo 164E racetrack
The Volvo 164 is much better on straight lines (and that’s me at the passenger side, picture taken by Autopics)
 Volvo 850 T-5R CY parking meeting
Some various Volvos at the Elandrun
 Volvo 850 R 850R red
Line-up of the red Volvo 850R
 Volvo 240 racing
Volvo 240 racing
 Volvo 440 Turbo circuit
Volvo 440 Turbo
 Volvo 360 bodykit
Volvo 360 with a very nice bodykit
 Volvo 245 240 Polar 1993
Volvo 240 Estate on the track
 Volvo 164E racing
Again the Volvo 164 in action (picture taken by Autopics)
 Volvo 850 Estate T-5R CY rear
Volvo 850 T-5R Estate in Cream Yellow
 Volvo 440 Turbo cornering
This Volvo 440 Turbo was pretty fast
 Volvo 340 360 Turbo 740 16V
These Volvo 340 and 740 16V were especially build for trackdays
 Volvo 244 Rally
Another run of the rally Volvo 240
 Volvo 164E 1974
Just before I entered the track with the Volvo 164E
 Volvo 164 E metallic green
The Volvo 940 behind the 164 was also prepared for trackdays
 Volvo 164 action
I’m racing with an old Volvo!
(Picture taken by Powerpete)
 Volvo 164 slipping
Oops, a lock-up of a brake!
 Volvo 164 understeer
A lot of understeer (picture taken by Powerpete)
 Volvo 164 circuit finish
Almost at the finish (picture taken by Powerpete)
 Volvo 164 B30E hood overheat
The B30 had some cooling issues but everything went well
 Volvo 242 Elandrun
A very cool Volvo 242 with BBS-wheels
 Volvo 240 Polar red circuit
Volvo 240 Polar
 Volvo 164E 1974 front
The front of the ’74 Volvo 164 E
 Volvo 240 racer
The Volvo 240 Rally is a very nice car
 Volvo 164 understeering
A nice picture of the Volvo 164 taken by the Volvo Rallyteam
 Volvo 164 flying
Another picture taken by the Volvo Rallyteam
 Volvo 164 racing
Again an Autopics-picture
 Volvo 240 cornering
A Volvo 240 Estate also isn’t the best racecar 😉
 Trailer Volvo rallyteam
Trailer of the Volvo rallyteam
 Volvo 940 back trailer
Volvo 940 on the trailer
 Volvo 240 rally trailer
Volvo 240 on the trailer
 2e prijs Volvo Elandrun 2012
We became 2nd in Class 1!

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