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Volvo S40

After selling my Volvo 240 Estate I bought a 1996 Volvo S40 with 1.8 litre engine, manual transmission, LPG G3-system and almost no options (only central locking and a cd-changer). Because the car had three different brands of tires I bought a nice set of after-market alloy wheels with nice Dunlop tires. But after a month the car showed troubles with the in-tank fuelpump of the LPG-system: the car was starting to have backfires and misfires at certain rpm’s and the diagnose of a LPG-specialist was to replace the complete tank (because the fuelpump was in the tank), but I should try to drive it for a while and maybe it should disappear. After two months the car was damaged by vandalism (some &*#$%@ scratched the hood with a key and kicked some dents just above the grille) and that was a good reason to replace the car. The LPG-problems I had (also with the 240 Estate, which had some problems switching from LPG to petrol and back) were a good reason to buy a petrol car. I bought a Volvo 850 Estate with automatic gearbox (I really wanted a automatic transmission in my new car) and the S40 was left at the dealer where I bought the 850.

Volvo S40 image gallery

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 Volvo S40
The front of the Volvo S40 which had some damage due vandalism
 Volvo S40 1996 Turkish green rear
The Volvo S40 is painted in Turkish Green, a color which wasn’t sold a lot
 Volvo S40 dash dashboard interior
Volvo S40 1.8i dashboard
 Volvo S40 interior seats
Volvo used a typical 90s design on the upholstery of the S40 and V40 phase 1
 Volvo S40 green front phase1
Front of the Volvo S40 phase1

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