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Volvo 940 GL

My second car was the finest car I had: a 1991 Volvo 940 GL sedan with 2.3 litre engine (B230F), ZF automatic gearbox and electric sunroof. The car was painted in midblue metallic and has a nice blue upholstery (some people thought it was a hideous color for a interior but I love it). I kept the car for more than one year but I drove too many longer miles so I replaced this car by a Volvo 240 Estate which runs on LPG (which is much cheaper when you drive a lot). The 944 was sold to a friend of my brother, he is still the owner of this car.

Volvo 940 GL saloon image gallery

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 Volvo 940 GL 2316cc injection B230
I bought the Volvo 940 GL at a used Volvo parts reseller
 Volvo 940 GL side view
Volvo saloons aren’t very successfull in the Netherlands: most Volvo-buyers here prefer Volvo Estates, so saloons are very cheap to buy as a used car
 Volvo 940 1991 dashboard blue cloth
Volvo 940 dashboard, including horrible carkit and phone holder
 Volvo 940 sedan saloon
Midblue metallic is in my opinion one of the best colors Volvo used on their cars
 Volvo 940 sedan 4-door
A Swedish Volvo at a Swedish store 🙂
 Volvo 940 saloon side
Side view of the Volvo 940 saloon. You might not expect it, but the 940 saloon is actually longer than the 940 Estate
 Volvo 940 mid blue metallic
Here you can see how nice the color of this Volvo is 🙂
 Volvo 940 944 back rear
Back of the Volvo 940, with a big trunk
 Volvo 940 front
Front view of the Volvo 940

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