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Volvo 740 GLE

The Volvo 740 GLE is the car of my girlfriend. The car is produced in 1990 and is the first version of the Alter 2 740, which has the front, front fenders and hood of the 760 and 940 and new rear lights but not the new dashboard yet (the new dash is introduced in modelyear 1991).  The engine is a B230F and the 740 has a AW71L automatic gearbox.

It’s a fantastic car to drive and has a lot of options:
– green metallic paint
– green velours upholstery
– airconditioning (Deltamil)
– cruise control
– electric sunroof
– electric windows
– electric mirrors
– Hydra 16-inch alloy wheels
– AW71L automatic gearbox
– chrome trims
– the very rare pencil box
– original digital temperature meter in the instrument panel
– original armrest with four cupholders
– 940 front (with foglights) since the original Alter 2 lights are pretty hard to get, so this was a better (and nicer) option.

The car is pretty economic with 8,5-9L/100km fuel consumption, not bad at all! The complete service history is included and the 740 has a mileage of 275.000km but the instrument cluster has been changed to an other cluster because it was broken and changed to a secondhand which has a mileage of 315.000km (the old instrument cluster was included when we bought the car).

Volvo 740 GLE sedan image gallery

Below you can find a couple of images of our 1990 Volvo 740 GLE 4-door sedan. Click on the image for a larger version (will open in a new window/tab).

 Volvo 740 sedan GLE 744 hydra alloy wheels
The Volvo 740 GLE sedan, the car has a pretty rare color
 Volvo 740 GLE sunroof green
The 740 has a sunroof, one of the best options for a car in my opinion
 Volvo 740 GLE sedan 850 Estate
On the way home when we just bought the Volvo 740 in the northern part of the Netherlands. Next to the 740 is my good old Volvo 850 GLT Estate
 Volvo 740 GLE saloon green metallic
I really like the chrome trims, 16-inch Hydra rims and green metallic paint on this Volvo!
 Volvo 740 GLE pluche velours upholstery seats
The seats of this Volvo 740 GLE have a strange green (you’ve got to love this color, but it’s better than boring gray or black in my opinion) velours upholstery, and you can also see the original Volvo armrest which contains 4 cupholders
 Volvo 740 760 green upholstery cloth rear seats velours armrest
The rear seats of the Volvo 740, the armrest has an extra storage compartment


 Volvo 740 GLE phase2 alter2 side view
Side view of the Volvo 740 GLE
 Volvo 740 GLE full options green Hydra rims
The phase 2 version of the Volvo 740 looks pretty much as the 940, especially when the headlights are changed to the 760/940-version (note: the 940 in the USA came with the 740 alter2-lights)
 Volvo 740 GLE 1990 dash pluche velours green upholstery cloth
The interior and dashboard of the 1990 Volvo 740. One year later Volvo changed the dashboard to the same dash the 940 has
 Volvo 740 GLE 1990 alter phase II 2 rear back lights lamps sedan
The rear lights of the Volvo 740 sedan were also changed and improved the look of the car a lot!
 Volvo 740 760 940 960 front GLE turbo grille
The front of the Volvo 740 GLE. The headlights are of the European 940 and the car has white indicator lights. Also a Turbo-grille of a 940 is installed
 Volvo 740 16 inch Hydra rims wheels
I really like the extra chrome trims on the car



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