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Volvo 440 GL

My first car: a 1989 Volvo 440 GL with 1,7 litre carburated engine. The car didn’t have powersteering but it had central locking, which was the only accessory on the car. The car had many electrical problems: after three days the starter stopped working, after a while the alternator also stopped working well and blew up the battery, the electrical fan was pulling the battery empty when the car wasn’t running (but the fan was running all night after being off for one hour or more) and many other problems (most of them were electrical problems). Fun fact: the licence plate was TY-96-RS. Except the Volvo demo-cars (which had a TH-xx-xx registration, as shown on the press photo’s) I haven’t seen any older 440. This means I’ve got one of the first 440′s which was sold to a private customer. The 440 was sold after it was repaired and I wanted a new car which should give less trouble. A member of a forum (he repairs cars in his spare time) needed a car and bought my 440. He never had bad luck with the car but after a half year he sold it because he wanted something different. The 440 was left at a garage and after a few months the car was demolished (for parts I guess).

At the picture below you can see the car, the photo was taken at the day I bought the car. The ugly hub caps and wheels were replaced after a while with Volvo 480 alloy wheels and later some OZ Racing-replica’s.

Volvo 440 GL 1989 silver metallic

Volvo 440 image gallery

Click on the image for a larger version.

 Volvo 440 side
Side view of the Volvo 440 (and yes: that’s the old ugly hub cap on the right)
 Volvo 440 front seats dash
Interior of the first type Volvo 440
 Volvo 440 GL back seat armrest
The back seat, including armrest
 Volvo 440 460 front seats upholstery
Nice clean upholstery
 Volvo 440 alloy wheels rims 480
Alloy wheels of the 480 were installed on my Volvo 440
 Volvo 440 dashboard Volvo 440 dashboard (bit blurry)
 Volvo 440 480 wheels
My Volvo 440 with the 480 alloy wheels. I replaced the rims with OZ Racing replica-wheels later
 Volvo 440 460 grille front Before selling the car I mounted the steel wheels with new wheelcovers. I also installed a 460-grille
 Volvo 440 460 front
The front of the car
 Volvo 440 GL 460 grille
The Volvo 460 chrome grill looked much better than the simple worn gray (which was black in the past) 440 grille


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