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Volvo 240 GLT

Because my white ’86 Volvo 240 DL was still suspended (for road taxes and MOT) and the car will need some new parts (like new seats) I was looking for a cheap 240 which should have a nice interior. At a forum a nice 240 GLT was for sale for a very low price. It needed a lot of work but that wasn’t a problem because the car should be a donor car for my ’86 Volvo 240.

After buying it and driving the car home it appeared the wipers didn’t work (only in the fastest position). After solving that problem at home I started to inspect the car very well: the car wasn’t that bad at all! To be honest: it would be a terrible idea to strip this Volvo 240 GLT! The car just needed some extra attention and interior parts. After replacing the control arm of the wipers I started to buy the missing interior parts. The 240 GLT was turning into a nice car without any problems at all! And it appeared the car just was serviced. No way I wanted to strip this car, and after a new MOT (without any problems at all) I sold the car to a forum-member.

1989 Volvo 240 GLT sedan image gallery

Below you can find several images of my Volvo 240 GLT sedan. The car has nice Virgo wheels (standard at the GLT-series), blue Pullman upholstery, headlight wipers, central locking, M47 5-speed gearbox, B230 engine with Bosch LH Jetronic fuel injection system and a towbar. Click on the images for a larger version (will open in a new window/tab).

 Volvo 240 GLT sedan front view gray
My good old Volvo 240 GLT, with powdercoated Virgo rims
 Volvo 244 GLT saloon rear view trunk
The rear view of the Volvo 240 GLT sedan, the roof and trunk had a bit of damage and a problem with the varnish (it comes off). I replaced the body panel of the trunk and it looked much better!
 Volvo 240 instrument cluster speedometer mileage
The mileage of the 240 GLT, the complete service history of the car was available and documented well
 Volvo 240 GLT side view profile
The side view of the Volvo 240 GLT
 Volvo 240 GLT sedan Virgo wheels gray
Unfortunately some trims were missing on this Volvo 240
 Volvo 240 GLT Pullman interior dash blue
In the interior there were also some parts missing, but I found them at a local Volvo specialist (but not shown in this picture). I really like the blue Pullman upholstery of this Volvo 240 GLT


 Volvo 240 B230 LH-Jetronic engine compartment
The engine compartment of the Volvo 240 GLT. It has a B230E engine with LH Jetronic injection system
 Volvo 240 GLT saloon Virgo alloy wheels rims
Another side view. This gray color isn’t the best color for a Volvo 240 in my opinion, but the Virgo wheels matches the car pretty well
 Volvo 240 GLT gray rear back view
As you can see the rear lights are pretty dull, a very common problem of the Volvo 240
 Volvo 240 front fisheye cam
Fisheye effect
 Volvo 240 GLT blue Pullman upholstery cloth interior
The Pullman upholstery is really nice in a Volvo 240, in my opinion even better than leather seats!


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