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Volvo 240 DL sedan

In 2009 I found an ad on Marktplaats (the Dutch version of Ebay) of a 1986 Volvo 240 DL sedan. The Volvo 240 was owned by the first owner but he needed to sell it because his wife wasn’t able to drive a car with manual transmission anymore (it was an old couple). There were some problems with the car, like some rust on the wheel arches and the heater motor of the interior didn’t work anymore. I mailed with the owner and he told me he owned the car for almost 23 years! He bought it at the local Volvo dealer as a demo car, which means this Volvo 240 was standing in the showroom for a while or was a car that was used for testdrives. The owner also told me he had several offers but all of them where from people who wanted to demolish the Volvo 240 sedan and sell the parts of it. But the owner insisted to sell the car to someone who will look after the car and fix the problems. That’s why he sold the car to me instead of selling the good old Volvo to higher bidders.

Background info of my Volvo 240 DL

This Volvo 240 is a DL so it’s very basic. It has the following options (or lack of options):

  • no power steering
  • no electric windows or electric mirrors
  • no central locking
  • no airconditioning
  • the very basic and simple herringbone-pattern blue upholstery
  • 2 Philips speakers and a Sony radio (I replaced the radio with a Kenwood mp3 radio/cd player since the old radio wasn’t working very well).

The tires of the Volvo were also a bit strange: on the front the tires were a bit too small, while the tires on the back are a little too big. But I had another set of wheels so I installed those wheels including a set of white walls with chrome rings.

As I mentioned before the Volvo 240 DL had some rust on the sills and rear wheel arches, and a small hole in the floor of the car. After being parked in a barn for about 3 years I decided to fix the Volvo 240. First of all a new MOT was needed, and surprisingly the car didn’t have many problems to pass the MOT (after just installing a new battery, replacing a hose and a pair of lamps). But I can’t weld, so Kevin (www.autolassen.nl) fixed the rear wheel arches, sills and floor panels of the Volvo 240 DL. I resprayed the sills, wheel arches and replaced the headlights for new (the old reflectors were a bit rusty) and the Volvo 240 was ready for the next 23 years.

The many steps in fixing and repairing the 86 Volvo 240 DL can be found in the following articles (where more pictures and info about the welding can be found):

Unfortunately I had to sell the car since I bought a new house and needed the money for fixing a lot of things.

Volvo 240 DL sedan 1986 image gallery

Below you can find some pictures of my good old Volvo 240 DL, click on the image for a larger version.

 volvo 240 dl sedan 1986 at first owner
The Volvo 240 DL at the house of the first owner 
 volvo 240 dl sedan 1986 whiteThe Volvo 244 as I bought it. Mind the tiny tires at the front of the car (and rusty rims)
 Volvo 240 interior blue upholstery fish pattern DL big steering wheel without powersteering Interior of the 1986 Volvo 240 DL  volvo 240 242 244 245 manual transmission interior dash dashboard blue upholstery cloth
The blue upholstery of this 240 needed some cleaning
 volvo 240 dl 4 door sedan white 1986 rear view
 Before installing the Ravus whitewalls & chrome set
 volvo 240 dl sedan white walls whitewalls tyres tires
I really like small whitewalls on a Volvo 240
 Volvo 240 DL 1986 white whitewalls before welding  Volvo 240 DL sedan saloon white front
 Volvo 240 244 245 264 265 rust wheel arch arches sill sills replace part
 Before welding the rear wheel arches and sills. Kevin of www.autolassen.nl replaced the inner side and outside of the wheel arches
 Volvo 240 242 244 245 rust wheel arch arches sill sills replace part repair parts
The sill on this side was in pretty bad condition, just like the wheel arch, a common problem for the Volvo 240 and 260 series
 volvo 244 dl after welding repairing weld replace rust rear fender wheel arch white wall chrome ring
  After: welded and resprayed!
 volvo 244 dl after welding repairing weld replace rust rear fender wheel arch sill
The other side after welding & repainting the arches
 volvo 240 dl after welding repairing weld replace rust rear fenders wheel arches sills
  After repainting the sills and wheel arches and some cleaning. Much better!
 volvo 244 dl after welding repairing weld replace rust rear fenders wheel arches
The headlamps were also replaced since the old headlights had some rust on their reflectors

And here’s a video after the Volvo 240 has been partially resprayed after the welding of the sills and rear wheel arches:



The Ravus whitewall set can be ordered at Scandcar and are also available as thicker white wall and 15-inch white walls including chrome stainless steel rings for the Volvo PV, Duett, P1800 and Amazon. Original white wall tires for classic cars are also available at Scandcar.

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