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Volvo 240 Estate

This was my first Volvo 240. It’s a 240 DL of 1990 and runs on petrol and LPG. The car has a B230 engine and M47 5-speed manual gearbox

The 245 was driving like a tipsy duck and the paintwork (not even a metallic paint) was pretty dull. But after a long day of waxing and polishing the car looked much better. The tires were brand-new but of a unknown Chinese manufacturer who should choose a other market because the grip was horrible. I replaced the wheels and tires with 740/760-wheels (and Uniroyal tires, which came together with the used alloy wheels) and the car really handled a lot better!

Volvo 240 DL Estate

After big maintenance (with new bushes, bearings and again new tires because I drove so much the Uniroyals were worn out) and replacing the seats by new ones the car drives like a 240 should drive: pretty good and nice at the highway (but not so good in cornering and bumpy roads compared with the 940). The thing I missed the most of my Volvo 940 (which I had before this 240) was the automatic gearbox.Switching from a automatic transmission to a manual gearbox feels like travelling back in time. After a while the distances I should drive were decreasing and the road taxes were too high compared with the new mileage I drove. So I sold the car and bought a S40 with LPG G3 (controlled direct LPG-injection, which is a lot cheaper in taxes). Fun fact: the LPG-tank was fitted at the Volvo importer and had a sticker with “Speciaal ingebouwd voor Volvo Nederland” (which means: “Specially built in for Volvo Netherlands”).

The new owner kept the car for a couple of years, but now it’s exported to another country (in most cases it would be Eastern Europe).

1990 Volvo 240 DL Estate gallery

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 Volvo 240 DL 1990 Estate side view  Volvo 240 DL Estate front
The 245 has white indicator glasses
 Volvo 240 DL 1990 plastic hubcaps
The car had hideous wheelcovers of the Volvo 440 (and late Volvo 340-series), and the tires were brand new but had terrible grip. So I replaced it with some nice rims
 Volvo 240 Estate white indicators
Looks much better!
 Volvo 240 Estate 760 turbo alloy rims
The wheels are from a Volvo 760 and 740 Turbo: Volvo Sirius rims
 Volvo 240 DL dark blue
When I bought this 240 the paintwork wasn’t very good anymore. After a long day waxing and polishing the paint was a lot better!

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