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Volvo art on canvas

A hobby I had in the past was drawing and painting. Mostly Formula One cars, but also various cars like Volvos, Rovers, Opels and sports cars. But I didn’t make any painting the last couple of years (due lack of time and lack of space) and because we’ve moved to a much bigger house last year […]


The Volvo 1800ES is back: the Volvo Concept Estate is launched!

Today Volvo announced their new concept car, the Volvo Concept Estate. Where the Volvo Concept Coupé was a remake of the legendary Volvo P1800, Volvo’s newest concept car is a remake of the Volvo 1800ES, a shooting brake version of the Volvo 1800-series, although Volvo never marketed the 1800ES as a shooting brake. The newest […]


The Volvo P1800 revival: Volvo launches the new Concept Coupé sports car with retro-look at the IAA

Volvo teased the Volvo-fans last days with a couple of sneak previews of their new concept coupé car that will be presented at the IAA motor show in Frankfurt. With the question / slogan “Is this Volvo?” they want the world to know Volvo is planning to launch a car that isn’t the traditional family […]