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Installing new parts for the Volvo V70

I forgot to post the installation of the new genuine Volvo parts (the New Old Stock parts as mentioned in a blog-post before), but here is an update! The net pocket isn’t installed yet, just like the cup holders (it needed an extra part, which also was bought at Advanced Performance Parts) but fortunately the […]


New parts for the Volvo V70 and 244 diesel

Thanks to Advanced Performance Parts (APP) I received a lot of New Old Stock (NOS) original Volvo-parts for my 2001 V70 and MY1980 Volvo 2440 D6 diesel. APP (Baarlo, The Netherlands) has a huge overstock of Volvo-parts, but they also sell some nice tuning-stuff and replacement parts for modern and classic Volvos. They are also specialized […]