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Volvo Amazon 120 130 220 service manuals

Service and repair manual brakes Volvo Amazon with disc brakes

This manual helps you fixing your brakes (front and rear). It describes the braking system for the Amazon with brake discs and single circuit brake system. Also the brake calipers, replacing the brake pads and various cylinders (brake cylinders, master cylinder etc) are described. The brake servo, rear brake drums and handbrake are also described. I couldn’t find the old type brake manual right now (for the Amazons with brake drums in the front) but if you own an Amazon with front brake drums this manual still can be used (just use the description of the rear brake drums, it’s almost the same as the front). Warning: filesize is 9mb, it could take a while to load if your internet connection is slow.

It is very easy to navigate: to switch pages use the forward- and back arrows and to zoom in or out use the + and – buttons at the top of the e-book. Click on the page and hold the mousebutton to drag the page to the direction you want.

Volvotips got permission of Volvo Cars Heritage to publish the Volvo Amazon service manuals and Volvo Amazon parts catalog. These service manuals and parts catalogs can be viewed at Volvotips but aren’t allowed to be downloaded. Instead of a downloadable PDF I created online Flash-version (sort of e-book) of all Volvo-manuals and catalogs which can be browsed through in your webbrowser. To view the Volvo parts catalog or Volvo greenbooks you’ll need Flash 8 (or higher). If you don’t have Flash or your version is too old you can download it at the Adobe website.


Disclaimer: Volvotips has the exclusive courtesy of Volvo Car Corporation and Volvo Cars Heritage to publish the Volvo Greenbooks (service manual), parts catalogs and other Volvo-material and publications. Commercial use and publishing at other websites of these items is prohibited.

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