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Amazon B16 parts

At this page you’ll find the Volvo Parts Catalogue for the Volvo Amazon with B16-engine (P120 and P1200).

Using the parts catalog isn’t hard: just look for the subject (like the engine, bodywork or cooling system) and search the sketch where the part is what you’re looking for. The number of the part is included and can be found at the page next to the drawing and tells you the part number (and in some cases: the new part number, or the quantity of that part needed, or some specific details). Now you know the part number and you can search the web to order it online or buy it at a shop.

Volvo 120-series parts catalogue

The 120-series catalog contains the following component groups (click on the links below to open that part of the catalog):

Group 1 Foreword and abbreviations

At this section you can find explanation of some abbreviations and how to use the parts catalog.

Group 2a Engine

Parts of the engine: B16 shortblock, cylinder head, manifold, oil pump and gaskets.

Group 2b Cooling system

Radiator, hoses, water pump, gaskets and other components of the cooling system.

Group 2c Fuel and exhaust systems

Fuel system, carburators, filters and exhaust of the Amazon P120-series with B16-engine.

Group 2d Engine control linkages

Throttle control, pedal and choke of the Amazon B16.

Group 3 Electrical equipment and instruments

Ignition system, generator, starter motor, lighting, windshield wiper system, switches and other electrical components of the 6V Amazon. Warning: filesize is 7mb, it could take a while to load if your internet connection is slow.

Group 4 Power train and rear axle

Gearbox, clutch, propeller shaft, rear axle and rear suspension system. Warning: filesize is 9mb, it could take a while to load if your internet connection is slow.

Group 5 Brakes

Parts of the braking system Amazon P120 with B16-engine.

Group 6 Front axle, wheels and steering gear

Front suspension and control arms, steering system and tie rods.

Group 8 Body

Bodywork parts of the old type Volvo Amazon. Warning: filesize is 13mb, it could take a while to load if your internet connection is slow.

Group 9 Miscellaneous equipment

Heating and ventilation system, safety belts.

Group 10 Register

At this section you can search a part number and find out in which group it belongs. It contains both the alphabetical and numerical register.
If you’re looking for Group 7 at the Parts Catalogue: they don’t exist in the B16- and B18-catalog. In the B20 parts manual it does exist, but it refers to other groups.


Disclaimer: Volvotips has the exclusive courtesy of Volvo Car Corporation and Volvo Cars Heritage to publish the Volvo Greenbooks (service manual), parts catalogs and other Volvo-material and publications. Commercial use and publishing at other websites of these items is prohibited.


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