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All information about the Volvo Amazon (1200, 121, 122s, 131 and 220 Combi-series) can be found at the following pages:

History of the Volvo Amazon
A detailed story of the birth of Volvo’s most famous classic car: the Volvo Amazon. Including the prototypes of the Amazon and detailed description of the modifications and changes during the years.

Interior and upholstery Volvo Amazon
All upholstery color codes including examples can be found at this page. Also a description of the dashboard and the different type of seats of the Volvo Amazon-series.

Volvo Amazon buyers guide
When you see a Volvo Amazon for sale: don’t fall in love immediately but check the buyers guide for this classic car first! With these buying tips you’ll get the ultimate Amazon for your budget.

Volvo Amazon parts manual
In this section you’ll find the complete Volvo Amazon parts manual. It are the original Volvo Greenbook-series and necessary to find the right Volvo part number for the parts you’ll need for your Amazon.

Volvo Amazon service manuals
The service manual of the Volvo Amazon, including the original Volvo Greenbook. You can find all type Amazons here.

This section will be updated regularly, so new pages and content can be found here soon!

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  1. volvo-trouwauto.nl says:

    Hallo volvotips,

    Mijn naam is Paul Lups uit Voorthuizen, ik heb net Martijn en Leonie op bezoek gehad om mijn volvo amazon als trouwauto te huren, het was heel gezellig en ze waren onder de indruk van deze amazon uit 1963. Martijn tipte mij over deze site heel interessant en gedetailleerd. Ik ga hier zeker vaak op neuzen.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Paul Lups
    Mendelssohnlaan 24
    3781 HW in Voorthuizen

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