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Volvo 960 service & repair manual

On this page you can find the complete service and repair manual for the Volvo 960 with 6-cilinder engine (although most sections can be used for the 4-cylinder version, except the engine repair manual: you should use the 940 or 740 service manual in case you’ll have a 4-cylinder engine in your Volvo 960). A lot of sections of the Volvo 960 service manual is the same as the Volvo 850 repair manual since the 6-cylinder engine of the 960 is basically the same as the 5-cylinder engine of the 850 (the only difference is that the Volvo 850 has one cylinder less).

These service manuals will help you to repair your Volvo 960, fix some small things, check airbags and brakes, service the car and how to install or repair accessories and upgrades. Follow the step-by-step instructions of the service & repair manual to maintain your Volvo 960 in perfect condition and your car will last much longer!

Volvo 960 executive S90 service repair manual

Volvotips got permission of Volvo Cars Heritage to publish the Volvo 960 service & repair manuals. These service manuals can be viewed at Volvotips but aren’t allowed to be downloaded. Instead of a downloadable PDF I created an online HTML-version of these service manuals so you don’t have to wait for a download but can view them instantly!

Volvo 960 service manual

Using the Volvo 960 service manual isn’t hard: just look for the subject described below (like the engine, bodywork, brakes or cooling system) and click on the link to open the service manual for that subject (it will open in a new window/tab).

Volvo 960 general info & maintenance

This section of the Volvo 960 service & repair manual contains the standard maintenance procedures, specifications and general information of the 960, S90 and V90.

Volvo 960 specifications

Volvo 960 general maintenance information

Volvo 960 scheduled services

Volvo 960 engine VIN & id

Volvo 960 basic testing


Volvo 960 SRS airbag system service manual

The Volvo 960 has been equipped with a SRS safety airbag system. The service manuals for the airbags can be found below.

Volvo 960 airbag service manual

Volvo 960 airbag checking & maintenance 


Volvo 960 heating & cooling system service manual

This section contains the heater & cooling system of the Volvo 960, S90 and V90. The manual airconditioning and electronic climate control (ECC) systems are also described.

Volvo 960 airconditioning specifications

Volvo 960 air conditioner compressor oil checking service manual

Volvo 960 airco compressor service & repair manual

Volvo 960 climate control and heater service & repair manual

Volvo 960 cooling system service & repair manual


Volvo 960 electrical system service manual

This section contians the electrical parts of the Volvo 960, S90 and V90. The wiring diagrams of the Volvo 960 are also included!

How to reset the service light of the Volvo 960

Volvo 960 alternator & regulator service & repair manual

Volvo 960 starter motor service & repair manual

Volvo 960 fuses & circuit breakers

Volvo 960 instrument cluster repair manual

Volvo 960 powered windows repair manual

Volvo 960 powered mirrors repair manual 

Volvo 960 powered sunroof service manual

Volvo 960 cruise control service & repair manual

Volvo 960 wiper/washer system repair instructions

Volvo 960 sensor range charts

Volvo 960 wiring diagrams 


Volvo 960 engine service & repair manual

The 6-cylinder engine of the Volvo 960, S90 and V90 is described in this service manual. In case you’re owning a 4-cylinder 960 (which is pretty rare, but almost standard in countries like Italy), please use the service manual of the Volvo 740 and 940.

Volvo 960 engine OBD error & fault codes

Volvo 960 engine problems & symptoms check without codes

Volvo 960 engine dismantling & assembling guide

Volvo 960 drive belt routing

Volvo 960 throttle adjustment instructions

Volvo 960 engine vacuum diagrams

Volvo 960 emission application

Volvo 960 engine cooling fan repair and replacement instructions

Volvo 960 EGR function testing instructions


Volvo 960 transmission service manual

Most Volvo 960, S90 and V90 cars are equipped with an AW-40 automatic gearbox. This service manual contains the complete service & repair manual of the Volvo 960 automatic gearbox. For the manual gearbox: please check the service manual of the late type Volvo 940.

Volvo 960 automatic transmission diagnosis service manual

Volvo 960 automatic transmission service & repair manual

Volvo 960 how to remove and install the automatic gearbox


Volvo 960 front & rear axle and suspension service manual

In this section you’ll find the service and repair manuals of the front and rear axle of the Volvo 960, S90 and V90. Also the steering parts of the Volvo 960 are included, and of course: how to align the wheels of your Volvo.

Volvo 960 front axle & suspension repair manual

Volvo 960 rear suspension service manual 

Volvo 960 rear axle service & repair manual

Volvo 960 steering column & switches 

Volvo 960 steering column repair manual

Volvo 960 power steering rack service & repair manual

Volvo 960 wheel alignment instruction guide


Volvo 960 brake system service manual

The last section contains the most important parts of your Volvo 960: the braking system. These service manuals will help you to fix the brakes or replace brake parts of your Volvo 960, S90 or V90. Also the ABS system is described in these service & repair manuals.

Volvo 960 brake system service & repair manual

Volvo 960 ABS service & repair manual


Disclaimer: Volvotips has the exclusive courtesy of Volvo Car Corporation and Volvo Cars Heritage to publish the Volvo Greenbooks (service manual), parts catalogs and other Volvo-material and publications. Commercial use and publishing at other websites of these items is prohibited.

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  1. Dear Volvo Tips Admin ,

    I brought a RHD “96 960 Executive Volvo 3.0L Saloon 2 years ago from a business friend of mine. When i bought that car , it strike me of the comfortable looks and spacious rear passanger legroom. Well that time the car is in a bad state, i spend much effort to self maintain and repair it . Now here is the problem. I have to pour about 30-50ml of petrol into the manifold to start the car ever time and every morning once the engine gets cold. my foreman said that it has some engine wiring problem. Please advise whats wrong with it.
    My email is charles@greengaya.com or skype me at charleswkpek

    A sincere thanks to Volvotips and hope for your soonest reply.

    Thank You

    • Volvotips says:

      Hello Charles,

      I’m glad you’re happy with your 960! It’s a great car and those cars are very nice to cruise with. About your problem: it’s not really safe to pour petrol into your manifold because it could cause a serious fire! Have you checked the injectors and the rubbers of the injectors? It could be the cause of the problem you’re having.

      Best regards,

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