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All information of the Volvo 900-series can be found on the pages below. It will include the following models:
– 940: 944 (which is the 940 sedan) and 945 (940 Estate)
– 960: 964 (960 sedan) and 964 (960 Estate)
– S90 (sedan)
– V90 (estate).

History of the Volvo 940 and 960
In this article you can find the complete history and development of the Volvo 940 and 960. It starts with Operation Backlift and find out how the first 960 is actually a (sort of) pilot for the Volvo 850. All prototypes are also included.

Volvo 900-series buyers guide
If you’re considering to buy a Volvo 940 or 960 you should check out the Volvotips buying tips. This buyers guide is the most accurate and complete buyers guide for the Volvo 900-series you can find on the web.

Hints and tips for your Volvo 940 or 960
In this article you can find several hints and tips to improve fuel economy, prevent problems by servicing your car and some useful supplies for your 940 or 960.


More pages will be added soon.


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