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Volvo 850 sunroof service manual



1995 Volvo 850

1995-96 ACCESSORIES & EQUIPMENT Volvo Power Sun Roofs


Vehicles may be equipped with a manual or power-operated sun roof. If battery voltage is lost or interrupted, power sun roof can be operated manually.


NOTE: Power sun roof diagnosis and testing is not supplied by manufacturer.


Sun roof should be level with roof line, but about .04″ (1.0 mm) lower at forward edge. Adjusting screw No. 1 adjusts forward edge lengthwise and up and down. Screw No. 2 is used for lengthwise adjustment. Screw No. 3 adjusts height of rear edge. Ensure sun roof adjustment on each side is equal. After adjustment, ensure sun roof is operating by opening and closing it as far as it will go.



Removal & Installation
Close sun roof. Remove roof light panel, consisting of light glass, retaining screws and connector. Remove control module screw. See Fig. 1. Pry control module straight down and forward. Disconnect
inner connector and remove control module. To install, reverse removal procedure. Ensure 2 White markings are correctly positioned.

See Fig. 1.
Fig. 1: Removing & Installing Control Module
Courtesy of Volvo Cars of North America.


Removal & Installation
1) Remove courtesy light assembly consisting of lens, 2 screws and connector. Remove 3 screws securing motor in housing. See Fig. 2. Remove motor. Disconnect motor connector. To install, reverse removal procedure. Ensure sun roof hatch mechanism is correctly positioned. See Fig. 3.
2) New motors are supplied calibrated, and require no adjustment when installing. Move emergency release screw back and

forth slightly with a screwdriver to ensure gear and cable engage each other securely in cable housing.
Fig. 2: Removing Sun Roof Motor
Courtesy of Volvo Cars of North America.

Fig. 3: Positioning Sun Roof Hatch Mechanism
Courtesy of Volvo Cars of North America.


Fig. 4: Power Sun Roof System Wiring Diagram (1995-96)


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