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Volvo 850 service manual – abbreviations

On this page you can find the most used and common abbreviations that Volvo uses in their service and repair manuals. If you don’t know where an abbreviation is standing for, just look it up in this part of the Volvo 850 repair manual. It can also used for all other type Volvo service manuals.

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It’s pretty simpel to use: just look up the first letter and you’ll get the alfabetical order of the Volvo parts or components abbreviation. The definition or meaning of the abbreviation can directly be found after the abbreviation.

Abbreviations in the Volvo service manual starting with an “A”

A – amperes
A/C or AC – air conditioning (airconditioning, airco)
A/T or AT – automatic transmission / transaxle
AAP – auxiliary accelerator pump
AB – air bleed
ABCV – air bleed control valve
ABDC – after bottom dead center
ABRS – air bag restraint system
ABS – anti-lock brake system
AC –  Alternating Current
ACC – airconditioning clutch compressor
ACCS – airconditioning cycling switch
ACCUM – accumulator
ACCY – accessory
ACT – air charge temperature sensor
ACV Thermactor – air control valve
ADJ – adjust, adjustable
ADV – advance
AFS – air flow sensor
AI  – air injection
AIR or A.I.R. – air injection reactor
AIS – air injection system
ALCL – assembly line communications link
ALDL – assembly line diagnostic link
ARC – automatic ride control
ASCD – automatic speed control device
ASCS – air suction control solenoid
ASD – auto shutdown
ASDM – airbag system diagnostic module
ASV – air suction valve
ATC – automatic temperature control
ATDC – after top dead center
ATF – automatic transmission fluid
ATS – air temperature sensor
AXOD – automatic transaxle overdrive
Abs. – absolute
Accy. – accessory
Alt. – alternator or altitude
Amp. – ampere
Assy. -assembly
Auto. – automatic
Aux. – auxiliary
Avg. – average

Abbreviations in the Volvo service manual starting with a “B”

B/P – back pressure
BAC –  by-pass air control
BAP – barometric absolute pressure sensor
BARO – barometric
BBDC – before bottom dead center
BCM – body control module
BDC – bottom dead center
BHP – brake horsepower
BLK – black
BLU – blue
BMAP – barometric & manifold absolute pressure sensor
BOO – brake on-off switch
BP – barometric pressure sensor
BPS – barometric pressure sensor
BPT – backpressure transducer
BRN – brown
BTDC – before top dead center
BTU – British thermal unit
BVSV – bimetallic vacuum switching valve
Baro. – barometric
Batt. – battery
Bbl. – barrel (example: 4-Bbl.)
Blst. – ballast
Blwr. – blower
Brkr. – breaker

Abbreviations in the Volvo repair manual starting with a “C”

C – Celsius (degrees)
CCC or C(3) – computer controlled coil ignition
CCCC or C(4) – computer controlled catalytic converter
CANP – canister purge solenoid
CARB – California air resources board
CAT – catalytic converter
CB – circuit breaker
CBD – closed bowl distributor
CBVV – carburetor bowl vent valve
CC – cubic centimeter
CCC – computer command control
CCD – computer controlled dwell
CCM – central control module
CCO – converter clutch override
CCOT – cycling clutch orifice tube
CCW – counterclockwise
CDI – capacitor discharge ignition
CEC – computerized engine control
CFI – central fuel injection
CID – cubic inch displacement
CID – cylinder identification sensor
CIS – continuous injection system
CIS-E – continuous injection system-electronic
CKT – circuit
CLR – clear
CNG – compressed natural gas
CO – carbon monoxide
CO2 – carbon dioxide
CONV – convertible
CP – canister purge
CPA – connector position sssurance
CPS – crank position sensor
CTS – coolant temperature sensor
CV – check valve or constant velocity
CVC – constant vacuum control
CW – clockwise
CYL or Cyl. – cylinder
Calif. – California
Carb. – carburetor
Chrg. – charging
Circ. – circuit
Cntrl. – control
Comp. – compressor or compartment
Conn. – connector
Cont. – continued
Conv. – convertible or converter
Cu. In. – cubic inch
Cyl. – cylinder

Abbreviations in the Volvo service manual starting with a “D”

D – drive
DBC – dual bed catalyst
DC – direct current or discharge
DDD – dual diaphragm distributor
DERM – diagnostic energy reserve module
DFI – digital fuel injection
DIC – driver information center
DIS – direct ignition system
DIS – distributorless ignition system
DIST – distribution
DISTR – distributor
DK BLU – dark blue
DK GRN – dark green
DME – digital motor electronics (Motronic system)
DOHC – double overhead cam
DOT – department of transportation
DP – dashpot
DRB-II – diagnostic readout box
DVOM – digital volt/Ohm meter (also see VOM)
Def. – defogger or defroster
Def. – defrost
Defog. – defogger
Diag. – diagnostic
Dist. – distributor or distribution
Dr. – door

Abbreviations in the Volvo repair manual starting with an “E”

EAC – electric assist choke
EACV – electric air control valve
EBCM – electronic brake control module
ECA – electronic control assembly
ECAT – electronically controlled automatic transaxle
ECM – electronic control module
ECT – engine coolant temperature sensor
ECU – electronic control unit or engine control unit
EDF – electric drive fan relay assembly
EDIS – electronic distributorless ignition system
EEC – electronic engine control
EECS – evaporative emission control system
EEPROM – electronically erasable PROM
EFE – early fuel evaporation
EFI – electronic fuel injection
EGO – exhaust gas oxygen sensor (also see HEGO)
EGR – exhaust gas recirculation system
EGRC – EGR control solenoid or system
EGRV – EGR vent solenoid or system
EMR – emission maintenance reminder module
ESA – electronic spark advance
ESC – electronic spark control
EST – electronic spark timing
ETR – emergency tensioning retractor
EVAP – fuel evaporative system
EVIC – electronic vehicle information center
EVO – electronic variable orifice
EVP – EGR valve position sensor
EVR – EGR valve regulator
EVRV – electronic vacuum regulator valve
Elect. – electronic
Eng. – engine
Evap. – evaporative
Exc. – except

Abbreviations in the Volvo service manual starting with a “F”

F – Fahrenheit (degrees)
F/B – fuse block
FBC – feedback carburetor
FI – fuel injector or fuel injection
FICD – fast idle control device
FIPL – fuel injector pump lever
FP – fuel pump
FPM – fuel pump monitor
FPR-VSV – fuel pressure regulator vacuum switching valve
FWD – front wheel drive
Fed. – federal
Ft. Lbs. – foot pounds

Abbreviations in the Volvo repair manual starting with a “G”

g –  grams
GND or GRND – ground
GRN – green
GRY – gray
Ga. – gauge
Gals. – gallons
Gov. Governor

Abbreviations in the Volvo service manual starting with a “H”

H/D or HD – heavy duty
HAC – high altitude compensation
HC – hydrocarbons
HEDF – high speed electro drive fan relay or circuit
HEGO – heated exhaust gas oxygen sensor
HEGOG – HEGO ground circuit
HEI – high energy ignition
HLDT – headlight
HO – high output
HP – high performance
HSC – high swirl combustion
HSO high specific output
HTR – heater
HVAC – heating
Headlt. – headlight
Hg – mercury
Hgt. – height
Htr. – heater
Hz – Hertz (cycles per second)

Abbreviations in the Volvo service manual starting with an “I”

I.D. – inside diameter
IAC – idle air control
IACV – idle air control valve
IC – integrated circuit
ID – identification
IDM – ignition diagnostic monitor
IGN – ignition system or circuit
ILC – idle load compensator
In. – Hg inches of mercury
INCH Lbs. – inch pounds
INFL REST – inflatable restraint
INJ – injector or injection
IP – instrument panel
IPC – instrument panel cluster
ISA – idle speed actuator
ISC – idle speed control
ISS – idle stop solenoid
ITS – idle tracking switch
IVSV – idle vacuum switching valve
Ign. – ignition
In. – inches
Inj. – injector


Abbreviations in the Volvo repair manual starting with a “J”

J/B – junction block


Abbreviations in the Volvo service manual starting with a “K”

k/ohms – 1000 ohms (kilo as in k/ohms)
kg – kilograms (weight)
kg/cm – kilograms per square centimeter
KAM – keep alive memory
KAPWR – keep alive power
KM/H – kilometers per hour
KOEO – key on engine off
KOER – key on engine running
KS – knock sensor


Abbreviations in the Volvo service manual starting with a “L”

L – liter(s)
L/D or LD – light duty
LCD – liquid crystal display
LED – light emitting diode
LH – left hand
LOS – limited operation strategy
LT BLU – light blue
LT GRN – light green
LUS – lock-up solenoid
Lbs. – pounds
Lt(s). – light(s)
Lugg. – luggage


Abbreviations in the Volvo service manual starting with a “M”

mA – milliamps
mV – millivolts
mfd. – microfarads
mm – millimeters
M/T – manual transaxle or transmission
MA PFI – mass air sequential port fuel injection system
MA or MAF – mass airflow
MAF – mass air flow sensor
MAFS – mass airflow sensor
MAP – manifold absolute pressure sensor
MAT – manifold air temperature
MCU – microprocessor control unit
MCV – mixture control valve
MEM-CAL – memory calibration chip
MFI – multiport fuel injection
MIL – malfunction indicator light
MLP – manual lever position
MPFI – multi point fuel injection
MPH – miles per hour
MPI – multi-point (fuel) injection
Man. – manual
Mech. – mechanical
Mem. – memory
Mtr. – motor


Abbreviations in the Volvo repair manual starting with a “N”

N.m – Newton-meter
NA – not available
NDS – neutral drive switch
NGS – neutral gear switch
NOx – oxides of nitrogen
NPS – neutral pressure switch
No. – number
Nos. – numbers


Abbreviations in the Volvo service manual starting with an “O”

O – oxygen
O.D. – outside diameter (in older service manuals like the Amazon, PV, 100-series and 200-series: overdrive)
O/S – oversize
O2 – oxygen
OC – oxidation catalyst
OCC – output circuit check
OD – overdrive
ODO – odometer
OHC – overhead camshaft
ORG – orange
OSC – output state check
Opt. – option or optional
oz. – ounce
ozs. – ounces


Abbreviations in the Volvo repair manual starting with a “P”

P – park
P/C – printed circuit
P/N – park/neutral
P/S – power steering
PAV – pulse air valve
PC-SOL – purge control solenoid
PCM – powertrain control module
PCS – purge control solenoid
PCSDM – passenger compartment sensor & diagnostic module
PCV – positive crankcase ventilation
PFE – pressure feedback EGR sensor or circuit
PFI – port fuel injection (see MA SEFI)
PGM-CARB – programmed carburetor
PGM-FI – programmed fuel injection
PIP – profile ignition pickup
PNK – pink
PPL – purple
PRNDL – park reverse neutral drive low
PROM – programmable Read-only memory
psi – pounds per square inch
PSPS – power steering pressure switch
PTC – positive temperature coefficient
PTO – power take-off
PWR GND – power ground circuit
Pkg. – package
Press. – pressure
Prog. – programmed or programmable
Pts. – pints
Pwr. – power


Abbreviations in the Volvo service manual starting with a “Q”

Qts. – quarts

Abbreviations in the Volvo repair manual starting with a “R”

RABS – rear anti-lock brake system
RAC – remote accessory control
RAM – random access memory
RAP – retained accessory power
RECIRC – recirculation
RED – red
RH – right hand
ROM – read only memory
RPM – revolutions  per minute
RVB – rear vacuum break
RWAL – rear wheel anti-lock brake
RWD – rear wheel drive
Recirc. – recirculate or recirculation
Reg. – regulator
Rly. – relay


Abbreviations in the Volvo repair manual starting with a “S”

SAW – spark angle word
SBC – single bed converter
SBEC – single board engine controller
SC – super charged
SCC – spark control computer
SCS – air suction control solenoid
SDM – supplemental restraint system diagnostic module
SDU – SRS diagnostic unit
SEN – sensor
SES – service engine soon
SFI – sequential (port) fuel injection
SIG RTN – signal return circuit
SIL – shift indicator light
SIR – supplemental inflatable restraint
SMEC – single module engine controller
SOHC – single overhead cam
SOL or Sol. – solenoid
SPFI – sequential port fuel injection
SPK – spark control
SPOUT – spark output signal
SRS – supplemental restraint system (air bag)
SS 3/4-4/3 – shift solenoid circuit
SSI – solid state ignition
STAR – self-test automatic readout
STI – self test input circuit
STO – self-test output
SUB-O2 – sub oxygen sensor
Sen. or Sens. – sensor
Sol. – solenoid
Sprchg. – supercharger
Strg. – steering
Susp. – suspension
Sw. – switch
Sys. – system


Abbreviations in the Volvo repair manual starting with a “T”

T.V. – throttle valve
TAB – thermactor air by-pass
TAC – thermostatic air cleaner
TAD – thermactor air diverter
TAN – tan
TBI – throttle body injection
TCC – torque converter clutch
TCCS – toyota computer control system
TDC – top dead center
TDCL – total diagnostic communication link
TFI – thick film ignition system
TGS – top gear switch (cancels SIL in top gear)
THERMAC – thermostatic air cleaner
THS – transmission hydraulic switch
TP/TPS – throttle position sensor
TPI – tuned port injection
TPS – throttle position sensor / switch
TS – temperature sensor
TSB – technical service bulletin
TTS – transmission temperature switch
TV – thermovalve
TWC – three-way catalyst
Temp. – temperature
Trans. – transaxle / transmission


Abbreviations in the Volvo service & repair manual starting with a “V”

V – valve
VAF – vane air flow sensor or circuit
VAPS – variable assist power steering
VAT – vane air temperature
VATS – vehicle anti-theft system
VBATT – vehicle battery voltage
VCC – viscous converter clutch
VIN – vehicle identification number
VIO – violet
VLR – volt loop reserve
VM – vacuum modulator
VM – vane meter
VOM – volt-ohmmeter (analog)
VPWR – vehicle power supply voltage (10-14 volts)
VREF – voltage reference (ECA supplied reference voltage)
VRV – vacuum regulator valve
VSC – vehicle speed control sensor or signal
VSS – vehicle speed sensor or signal
VSV – vacuum switching valve
Vac. – vacuum
Volt. – voltage


Abbreviations in the Volvo service manual starting with a “W”

W/ – with
W/O – without
WAC WOT – air conditioning cut-off switch or circuit
WAC – wide open throttle airconditioning switch
WHT – white
WOT – wide open throttle

Abbreviations in the Volvo repair manual starting with a “Y”

YEL – Yellow


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