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Volvo 850 service & repair manual

At this page you can find the official Volvo Greenbooks for the Volvo 850. These greenbooks are also known as the official Volvo service manuals. Also included are the service bulletins and service hints by Volvo. The service manuals covers the Volvo 850 but can also be used for the Volvo S70, C70 and V70 Classic (the first version of the Volvo V70 that was produced until 2000). The service manuals are written in English.

Volvotips got permission of Volvo Cars Heritage to publish the Volvo 850 service manuals and Volvo 850 parts catalogs. These service manuals and parts catalogs can be viewed at Volvotips but aren’t allowed to be downloaded. Instead of a downloadable PDF I created online html-version (sort of e-book) of all Volvo-manuals and catalogs which can be browsed through in your webbrowser. To view the Volvo 850 servicebooks and repair manuals just click on the links below, all service manuals are not in PDF format but in simple html so you can watch them instantly!

Using the Volvo 850 service manual isn’t hard: just look for the subject described below (like the engine, electronic parts or cooling system) and click on the link to open the service manual of that subject.

Volvo 850 service manual

Below you can find the complete service and repair manual for the Volvo 850. All subjects (actually it are the chapters of the 850 service manual) are seperated in a single webpage. Click on the item you want to view and it will open in a new tab/window.


ABS precautions

ABS & TRACS service & repair instructions

Airbag service manual

AC checklist & diagnostics

AC general servicing instructions

Airconditioning & compressor check

Air conditioning & heater system repair manual (non-ECC airco)

Air conditioniong ECC / Climate Control & heater system repair manual

Airco compressor service manual

Alternator & regulator service & repair instructions

Automatic transmission diagnosis & wiring diagram

Axle front & driveshaft service manual

Basic testing – non-turbo models

Basic testing – turbo models

Brake system service manual

Brake system checklist

Clutch replacement service manual

Computer relearn procedures

Cooling system specifications & wiring diagram

Cruise control service & repair manual

Diagnosing errors without codes

Diagnostic fault codes & tests

Diagnostic fault codes & tests – Volvo 850 turbo models

Drive belt routing

Drivetrain inspection

EGR valve function & check

Electrical system & engine operation theory

Electrical system & engine operation theory turbo-models

Electrical components locations

Electrical system inspection

Electrostatic discharge warning

Emission application

Engine cooling fan + wiring diagram 

Engine with turbo service manual

Engine without turbo service manual

Engine overhaul service manual

Engine & system inspection

Engine VIN number location

Engine adjustments service manual

Engine adjustments for Volvo 850 Turbo, T-5, T-5R and 850R

Exhaust system inspection

Fuel pump removal, overhaul & installation instruction guide

Fuses & circuit breakers service manual 

Gear pattern & shim changes

General cooling system service manual

How to remove, install and overhaul the turbo

How to use system wiring diagrams (needed for the wiring diagrams below)

Injector pattern tutorial (waveforms)

Instrument panel service & repair manual

Interference check for OHC engines

Jacking & hoisting

Keyless entry system

Maintenance & service light reset 

Maintenance information, general info & VIN explained

Metric conversions

Mirrors (powered) service & repair manual

Passive restraint system inspection

Pin voltage charts – non-turbo models

Pin voltage charts – Volvo 850 Turbo, T-5, T-5R and R models 

Power windows service & repair instructions

Pre-wheel alignment checklist

Riding height adjustment

Scheduled service interval for Volvo 850 non-turbo models

Scheduled service interval for Volvo 850 Turbo -1995, T-5 and T-5R

Scheduled services for Volvo 850 Turbo modelyear 1996 and 850 R

Seats (powered and heated) troubleshooting, diagnostics, wiring diagram & repair instructions

Seats (powered & heated) with memory service manual

Sensor range charts for Volvo 850 turbo models 

Specifications Volvo 850 GLE & GLT

Specifications Volvo 850 Turbo & T-5

Starter motor service & repair manual

Steering column switches & horn service manual

Steering system – power rack & pinion service manual

Steering system check

Sunroof service manual including wiring diagram

Suspension service manual – front

Suspension service manual – rear

Suspension inspection & checklist

System & components test (non-turbo models)

System & components test (Volvo 850 turbo models)

System wiring diagrams (non-turbo models)

System wiring diagrams (Volvo 850 Turbo, T-5 and T-5R)

Symptoms & problems checklist

Test without fault codes (Volvo 850 turbo models)

Too weak tire jacks for modelyear 1995 cars (Volvo dealer bulletin)

Transmission removal & installation service manual (manual gearbox) 

Transmission removal & installation service manual (automatic gearbox)

Transmission service manual (automatic transmission)

Transmission service manual (manual gearbox)

Troubleshooting guide

Vacuum diagrams (non-turbo models)

Vacuum diagrams (Volvo 850 Turbo, T-5 and T-5R)

VolvoGuard anti-theft system

Wheel alignment theory

Wheel alignment service manual

Wiper washer system service manual

Wiring diagrams of the Volvo 850










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Disclaimer: Volvotips has the exclusive courtesy of Volvo Car Corporation and Volvo Cars Heritage to publish the Volvo Greenbooks (service manual), parts catalogs and other Volvo-material and publications. Commercial use and publishing at other websites of these items is prohibited.

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