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850 interior

This page contains all info about the Volvo 850 dashboard, interior trims and upholstery. I’ll update this page very soon with the examples of the various color codes.

How to find the upholstery color code of your Volvo 850

On the vehicle VIN plate you’ll find all the info you need for your Volvo 850 about the car. Like the engine, gearbox, paint color code but also the upholstery color code. At the VIN-plate you can see a four-digit code on the right of the plate, you’ll need the second code on the right side. This is the code you’re looking for!

The Volvo 850 upholstery code is very easy to explain:

 First digit: Car model, in case of the 850 it’s always a 3.
 Second digit: Upholstery:
2 – tricot & plush
3 – tricot
5 – plush (with vinyl sides)
6 – velours
7 – plush & leather
8 – leather & suede (alcantara)
9 – leather
 Third digit: Color:
3 – blue
4 – red
5 – beige
6 – light beige
7 – gray & dark gray
8 – light gray
 Fourth digit: Serial number or variation number. In most cases it’s a 0. Special versions of the upholstery can have an other number here.

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