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All information about the Volvo 850 sedan and estate can be found at the following pages:

History and development of the Volvo 850
All infomation about the development of the Volvo 850, including prototypes of the Galaxy project and modifications during the years.

Volvo 850 Racing at the BTCC sportsclass
The entire story of the Volvo 850 BTCC racing car, including the funny story why an estate car was racing in the BTCC.

Volvo 850 T-5R and 850R
All information and the history of the Volvo 850 T-5R and 850R.

Volvo 850 interior & upholstery
All color codes of the interior and upholstery of the Volvo 850 can be found here, including samples of the upholstery.

Volvo 850 Brochures and owners manuals
Looking for the brochure or owners manual of your Volvo 850? It can be found here. Each modelyear is included, and some brochures and owners manuals of the Volvo S70, C70 and V70 Classic are also included.

Volvo 850 service & repair manual
On these page you can find the complete service & repair manual of the Volvo 850. Most of these pages of this service manual can also be used for the Volvo S70, V70 Classic and C70. Volvotips has exclusive permission of Volvo Cars Heritage to publish the 850 service & repair manual.

On this page you can find several step-by-step repair instructions & upgrade tutorials for your Volvo 850. Very useful when you’ll need to know how to fix your car!


More pages will be added soon!

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2 Responses to “850”

  1. hpmb says:

    Hi When did Volvo introduce Navi in their cars?

    i saw a xc70 1998 mod. and the seller said it had navi but i just saw pictures so i am wondering….

    • Volvotips says:

      The 1998 GPS-systems weren’t navigation systems, but an emergency warning system. The first preinstalled navi systems came around 1999. I think the XC70 has a navi system that is installed afterwards.

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