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At this page you’ll find a lot of info of the Volvo 700-series.

It will include the following models:
– Volvo 740: 744 (which is the 740 sedan) and 745 (the 740 Estate)
– Volvo 760: 764 (760 sedan) and 765 (760 Estate)
– Volvo 780 (designed by Bertone)

History of the Volvo 700-series

Here you’ll find the complete history of the Volvo 740, 760 and 780. Including never-seen pictures of prototypes and sketches of the Volvo 700-series!

Volvo 700-series buyer’s guide

If you’re planning to buy an used Volvo 740, 760 or 780 you should read the Volvotips Ultimate Buyer’s guide for the Volvo 700-series. It’s the most complete buyer’s guide for the 700-series on the web!

Volvo 740, 760 and 780 hints & tips

Some nice hints and tips to improve and enjoy your Volvo 700-series car a lot more.

Volvo 740 760 780 tutorials

In this section you’ll find several tutorials for fixing your Volvo 740, 760 or 780. Each how-to tutorial is step-by-step and includes very nice pictures which will help you to fix your problem very easy!

More pages will be added soon: Volvotips will have new articles and pages every day.

2 Responses to “740/760/780”

  1. kenny80 says:

    I like to know if you can change the motor out of a 1990 780 turbo 6 cylinder non turbo, and into a 4 cylinder turbo. Also does that requires to change the transmission?

    • Volvotips says:

      Hello Kenny,

      it’s possible! A couple of owners of a Volvo 260-series, 760 and 780-drivers has done this swap because they think the 4-cylinder redblock is more reliable. But you’ll have to make some modifications like the engine support, some changes in electric harnesses, bellhouse of the transmission and some other minor stuff. It isn’t easy, but it isn’t as hard as changing a manual transmission for an automatic transmission.

      Good luck!

      Best regards,

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