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Here you can find the complete history of the Volvo 440, 460 and 480. Also all interior and exterior details and information, the specifications of the Volvo 400-series and of course the service manual and parts manuals (Volvo Greenbooks). Some pages will be added later, so the list below isn’t complete yet.

History of the Volvo 400-series
This article shows the complete development and history of the Volvo 440, 460 and 480. With a lot of pictures of all prototypes and also the changes and modifications by modelyear are mentioned.



More pages will be added soon.


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3 Responses to “400”

  1. Scharm says:


    I’m Miklos from Hugary.
    Please visit my photos side my volvo 480 turbo and volvo 850 GLT.

    and I am a member of the Hungaryan VOLVO owners Club.

    Thank you.


  2. Volvotips says:

    Hello Miklos,

    thank you for your comment! Nice pictures of your cars! The white paint on a 480 is very nice I think, it suits the car very well. Same for your white 850, but in The Netherlands the white version wasn’t very popular because the police also used white 850s.

    The history of the Volvo 400-series will be posted here very soon!

    Best regards,

  3. jayseals says:


    I’ve found your site pretty helpful with my 1991 Volvo 460 GLE. I just bought this in November 2012. Recently the timing belt snapped on me while I was driving- very frustrating experience, as you can imagine. I just changed the timing belt (it was NOT as easy as I thought it would be!). When I tried to hand-crank the crankshaft pulley I got about 1/2 a turn and then it stopped cold. So before I go to the trouble of yanking the valve cover to take a look, I’m hoping you can tell me: is the 1991 460 a non-interference engine (which means I *should* be able to just turn the car on, right?) or am I pretty much facing a full replacement on one or more heads/valves?

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