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340 & 360 parts catalog

This page contains the official Volvo 300-series parts catalog. The parts catalog contains all information about the components of the car and which parts it contains, so you can see which parts are needed when you replace something and in which way components are putted together. All parts are numbered, so you can immediately check which original Volvo part number it has. With this part number you can browse the web for a webshop to buy that part. For the DIY enthousiast a parts catalog and service manual are both a must-have to service your car!

Volvotips got exclusive permission of Volvo Cars Heritage to publish the Volvo 340 and 360 service manuals and Volvo 340 & 360 parts catalogs. These service manuals and parts catalogs can be viewed at Volvotips and will open in your webbrowser (in a new window/tab) so you can watch them instantly. To view the Volvo parts catalog or Volvo greenbooks just click on the links below.

The Volvo 340 & 360 parts catalog is written in English, Swedish, Spanish, French and German, but the last catalog (1985 and newer) is written in English and Swedish. The parts manual covers the following models:

  • Volvo 343 (the first version of the Volvo 340, a three-door hatchback)
  • Volvo 345 (5-door hatchback)
  • Volvo 344 (4-door sedan)
  • Volvo 363 (3-door hatchback with 2-litre engine)
  • Volvo 364 (4-door sedan / saloon with 2-litre engine)
  • Volvo 365 (5-door hatchback with 2-litre engine)

Using the parts catalog isn’t hard: just look for the subject (like the engine, bodywork or cooling system) and search the sketch where the part is what you’re looking for. The number of the part is included and can be found at the page next to the drawing and tells you the part number (and in some cases: the new part number, or the quantity of that part needed, or some specific details). Now you know the part number and you can search the web to order it online or buy it at a shop.

Index of the Volvo 340 & 360 parts catalog

  • Group 1: index, foreword and how to use the parts catalogue
  • Group 2a: motor and engine equipment
  • Group 2b: cooling system
  • Group 2c: fuel and exhaust system
  • Group 2d: engine control linkages
  • Group 3: electrical equipment & instruments
  • Group 4: power train & rear axle
  • Group 5: brakes
  • Group 6: front axle, wheels, hubs and steering
  • Group 7: springs & shock absorbers
  • Group 8: body & chassis
  • Group 9: Miscellaneous equipment
  • Group 10: repair & overhaul kits and register

This index applies on all Volvo service manuals and parts catalogs.


Volvo 340 & 360 parts catalog

Volvo has 3 different parts catalogs for the Volvo 300-series cars. The first parts catalog is for the car that are produced from 1976 until 1979, the second parts catalog covers all models from modelyear 1980 until 1984. The last parts manual is about the Volvo 340 and 360 that were built from modelyear 1985 until 1991 (when the production of the Volvo 340 ended).

All links will open in a new window/tab.

Volvo 343 parts catalog first models

This parts catalog covers the Volvo 343 models that were produced from August 1976 until  July 1979. Click on the title to open this parts catalog. Warning: filesize is 8mb, so it could take a while before it’s completely loaded.

Volvo 340 & 360 parts catalog 1980 – 1984

This parts catalog of the Volvo 340 and 360 (including GLS and DLS models with B19-engine) covers the 300-series that were produced from August 1979 (modelyear 1980) until July 1984. Click on the title to open this parts catalog. Warning: filesize is 14mb, so it could take a while before it’s completely loaded.

Volvo 340 & 360 parts catalog modelyear 1985 and later

The last parts catalog for the Volvo 340 and 360. It covers all models that are produced in August 1984 (when modelyear 1985 started) and later. Click on the title to open this parts catalog. Warning: filesize is 14mb, so it could take a while before it’s completely loaded.

Enjoy these parts catalogs of the Volvo 340 and 360 series cars!


Disclaimer: Volvotips has the exclusive courtesy of Volvo Car Corporation and Volvo Cars Heritage to publish the Volvo Greenbooks (service manual), parts catalogs and other Volvo-material and publications. Commercial use and/or publishing at other websites of these items is prohibited.



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