KdL Automotive Volvo onderhoud voor youngtimers en klassiekers Middelbeers Brabant

Volvo art on canvas

A hobby I had in the past was drawing and painting. Mostly Formula One cars, but also various cars like Volvos, Rovers, Opels and sports cars. But I didn’t make any painting the last couple of years (due lack of time and lack of space) and because we’ve moved to a much bigger house last year it’s time to pick up this old hobby again. Fortunately my paint skills weren’t gone so I made a couple of paintings on canvas with some nice Volvo cars. In most cases I use acryl paint, but also the original Volvo car paint in a spray can is also used on some paintings. The paintings are a bit figurative because I think the design of the Volvo cars are much stronger in its full glory than spending too much attention on details and shadows. Especially since I create in most cases a special paintwork on the car itself. Besides: it’s in my opinion much more fun painting cars in this way than copying a photo of a car, because it would be better to take a picture and put the image on your wall. A painting has mucht more creativity and imagination than a photo in my opinion, and a lot of more posibilities in colors and backgrounds.

Volvo artwork for sale

It’s possible to buy a painting (made by me) with a Volvo on it! All paintings are painted on canvas with acryl paint and in some cases with (metallic) car paint (original Volvo colors). All paintings cost $ 150.– (120 Euro) and have a size of  19.7 x  15.7 inch (50 x 40 cm).

volvo 240 244 sedan painting art artwork 260 264 200 series saloon artist volvo amazon painting art artwork 120 121 131 drawing sketch volvo p1800 1800 1800s 1800e painting art artwork drawing sketch yellow blue green

Custom Volvo painting

If you want I can make a Volvo painting especially for you, for example the Volvo car you’ve owned in the past or a car with special colors on it. A custom painting will have the same price as the other paintings.

Other sizes are also possible, but keep in mind the shipping costs can be a lot higher if the painting is pretty large!

How to order a Volvo painting on canvas

To see all available paintings, how to order and read more about shipping costs check out the Volvo Art-page here. Feel free to mail me at info@volvotips.com for more questions!


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