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Leaked photos of the new Volvo Concept XC Coupe

Thanks to the website Jalopnik.com and Autoblog.com the leaked images of Volvo’s new concept car are now already available. The launch of the Volvo Concept XC Coupe is planned on January 13 this year, but somehow the pictures are already online. Oops!

volvo concept xc coupe leaked image
The newest Volvo concept car: the Volvo Concept XC Coupe, it looks like a C30 offroad-version


The new Volvo Concept XC Coupe will tell us how the new XC90 will look, but the Concept XC Coupe is a 3-door coupe and the XC90 will be a 5-door SUV of course. The Concept XC Coupe can be seen at the Detroit Motor Show next week.

Volvo’s newest concept SUV looks like an offroad version of the Volvo C30, but with the same front as we saw on the Volvo Concept Coupe. Volvo doesn’t have any plans at the moment to launch a smaller SUV (as a competitor of the BMW X1 or Audi Q3), but you’ll never know!

Click on the images for a larger version (will open in a new window/tab).

volvo concept xc coupe side view leaked image

volvo concept xc coupe side rear view leaked image

volvo concept xc coupe outdoor suv xc30

volvo concept xc coupe leaked image back rear

volvo concept xc coupe front leaked image pic pics images pictures

volvo concept xc coupe design proposal sketch drawing prototype

More pictures, including pics of the interior and dashboard, will be available on January 13. The specifications and some extra pictures will be available tomorrow, so stay tuned for some updates about the Concept XC Coupe!


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