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How to remove a radio in your Volvo S60, V70, S80 or XC90

When you want to remove or replace the radio, or you want to install a MP3 or smartphone module in your Volvo S60, V70, XC70, XC90 or S80 there are some steps that you need to take, otherwise you’ll end up in fault codes and errors. This tutorial is almost the same as the tutorials for the Yatour and GROM USB / mp3-module. This how-to guide will tell you more detailed info how to remove the radio or navigation unit in your Volvo in case you don’t have the HU-1205 radio or a single DIN-radio in your car.

volvo s80 dash dashboard how to remove radio s60 xc70 v70 xc90 tutorial guide instructions

Please note: removing the radio and/or airconditioning control unit is at your own risk! Dismantle the battery to prevent any damage on the radio or airco control unit. Never remove the cable of the airco control unit, otherwise it could cause error codes and these fault codes can only be removed by your Volvo dealer.

Click on the pictures for a larger version, you’ll have a detailed view of the installation / removal instructions of the radio.

Step one: remove the penholder or cover of your Volvo

This step is for the late type Volvo S80 (earlier models don’t have the penholder but only a cover at the gear shift stick) and all Volvo S60, V70 and XC70 models. Just below the control buttons of the airconditioning system there is a small strip / cover with a penholder on it. You can remove this penholder with a flathead screwdriver (use a cloth to prevent any damage on the center console). The penholder is circled in the picture below. After removing the penholder / cover the torx screws of the airco control unit will become visible.

volvo s60 v70 xc90 xc70 how to remove airco control unit ecc acc climate contol removal cover penholder
The penholder is indicated within the blue circle.

If you’re owning a Volvo S80 or XC90 in most cases you don’t have the penholder, but the cover of the gearshifter will end just below the climate control panel. Use a flathead screwdriver and a cloth and gently pull out the cover at the gear shift selector. The torx screws of the airco control unit can now be seen.

volvo s80 xc90 how to remove acc control airco unit radio removal cover gear shift shifter selector
Gently remove the cover of the gear lever.

volvo s60 v70 s80 xc70 xc90 how to remove torx screw screws acc control unit ecc airco airconditioning panel radio
Pull back the cover and the torx screws of the airco control panel will become visible. Put the gear shift selector in N if your Volvo has an automatic gearbox, or in second gear if your car has a manual transmission. You’ll need some space to remove the radio.

Step 2: remove the torx screws and pull out the airco control unit

After you removed the cover two torx screws will become visible. Remove the screws and gently pull out the airconditioning control unit. Please note: don’t unplug the unit, otherwise there is a change of error codes in the airco system! After removing the unit there are two torx-screws visible.

volvo s60 v70 xc90 xc70 s80 airco control unit acc ecc climate control panel radio remove removal
Remove the two torx screws and pull out the airco control unit.

After removing the airconditioning control unit two torx-screws deeper in the dashboard will become visible. If you remove those two screws the radio can be pulled out for removal.

Step 3: how to remove the radio

After removing the last two torx screws the radio can be pulled toward you for removal. If the radio don’t want to move: push up the radio at the rear side and it will move towards you. Please keep in mind unplugging the cables / wires of the radio will result in a total power-off and the entire memory of the radio is cleared. It means when the radio is installed again it can ask for the radio code (some radios don’t have a code activated) and the memory is totally empty (so stations and settings will be programmed again). If you’re planning to install a carkit, an USB- or smartphone-module, please check the other tutorials for the GROM Audio interface and Yatour mp3 USB interface.

Step 4: installing a radio in your Volvo

After you’re done with replacing the radio, installing a carkit or mp3/usb-interface, reinstall the radio by repeating all steps above in reverse order (but you don’t need a screwdriver for clicking back the covers).

All done, the radio is back in its position!


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