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The Volvo P1800 revival: Volvo launches the new Concept Coupé sports car with retro-look at the IAA

Volvo teased the Volvo-fans last days with a couple of sneak previews of their new concept coupé car that will be presented at the IAA motor show in Frankfurt. With the question / slogan “Is this Volvo?” they want the world to know Volvo is planning to launch a car that isn’t the traditional family car but will be a 2-door coupé or even a real sportscar! In the sneak preview it appeared the Volvo Concept Coupé (the name of the new concept car) has several references to the legendary Volvo P1800, like the badge on the back of the car, the boot and rear of the car, higher door lines at the rear of the door, the side windows and some details (like the chrome trims around the grille and headlamps) that also can be found on the Volvo 1800-series. And the interior and dashboard are actually a modern version of the beautiful P1800 interior, like the chrome dials and chrome trims on the doorpanels. It seems the Volvo Concept Coupé is a remake of the P1800. Really cool!

volvo concept coupe 2013 iaa frankfurt p1800 remake
The Volvo Concept Coupé will be presented at the IAA car show in Frankfurt
volvo concept coupe p1800 remake retro revival sportscar SPA chassis platform front chrome grille headlights
The new Volvo Concept Coupé has a lot of references to the legendary Volvo P1800, like the grille, dashboard and instrument cluster and overall design of the car

Today Volvo presented the world their newest concept car on the new Volvo SPA-platform. It’s called the Volvo Concept Coupé . The 2-door coupé looks very nice and the P1800 heritage can be found pretty good in the design of the new Volvo sports car (although it might be a Grand Touring if it went into production, just like the P1800 in the good old days). Hopefully this concept car will be produced in the future, and it will be pretty likely the car will actually appear on the road in the near future: Volvo presented concept cars in the past that were produced within 2 years as a production version (like the C30 concept, which became the C30).



Image gallery of the Volvo Concept Coupé.

Click on the image for a larger version.

volvo concept coupe 2013 iaa frankfurt back rear retro sportscar p1800 volvo concept coupé 2013 iaa frankfurt dash instruments instrument cluster p1800 dashboard dials
volvo concept coupé coupe 2013 iaa frankfurt autosalon motor show car carshow front volvo concept coupe coupé 2013 iaa frankfurt motorshow p1800 rear view
volvo concept coupe 2013 iaa frankfurt autosalon autoshow p1800 retro car front view volvo concept coupe 2013 interior dash p1800 1800 instrument cluster view upholstery seats doorpanels dashboard


The Volvo Concept Coupé will be shown at the IAA Frankfurt autosalon 2013 in Germany, which will start on September 12 and ends on September 22 2013.

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