KdL Automotive Volvo onderhoud voor youngtimers en klassiekers Middelbeers Brabant

New tax regulations for classic cars in The Netherlands: 40 years and older cars will be tax-free

Today was the big day: Secretary of Finance Frans Weekers finally announced the new plans for classic cars in The Netherlands. After several weeks of arguing with oldtimer-clubs and branche & sector representatives, and even mediation by ex-minister De Jager, there is a final solution for this soap. BNR Newsradio  announced the plans of Weekers. Classic cars will become tax-free after 40 years (the owner of the car doesn’t have to pay any road taxes), no matter which fuel the car is using (petrol, LPG or diesel). For petrol cars there will be a transition: petrol cars of 26 years will pay a quarter tax rate and aren’t allowed to be used during the winter (December, January and February).

Volvo Amazon 131 oldtimer oldie 1969

These new regulations will become active on January 1 2014.

Organisations like the KNAC and Fehac (both participated in the consultation with Weekers) said they aren’t happy with these new regulations but aren’t going to protest against it. They protested earlier but with no result. This evening Weekers will send a letter to the Dutch government with the final plans (which should be these plans) and tomorrow there will be a consultation with the government. It seems these plans will become the final version, so cars like the Volvo 240 and 740 will not longer be 100% tax-free in The Netherlands.


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