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The transformation of my Volvo 240 sedan – part II

About a month ago I posted a blogpost about the restoration of my Volvo 240 DL. After several weekends of welding, repairing and restoring the car was finished. I also repainted some areas of the 240 sedan with the right color paint and the result is pretty good! I’m very happy with the result, although some very small details can be a bit better, but that’s a small job that can be done later. But it isn’t a new car of course, but it looks very good in my opinion.

In this video you’ll see a walkaround with the finished result:

Things that are being fixed and replaced on my 1986 Volvo 240 sedan:

  • partially new sills and doorsteps
  • new inner rear wheel arches
  • partially new outer wheel arches
  • new inner splash plate parts at the rear section (passenger side, not the spare wheel container side: that was still rustless)
  • 2 small holes on the floor panels are fixed
  • repainted the rear wheel arches
  • repainted the sills and doorsteps
  • repainted the sill trims and also new trim clips
  • resprayed the floor panels and inner wheel arches with undercoating
  • filled all inner holes of doors and sills with ML Tectyl
  • new headlight reflectors and taillights

The car already had a new MOT (here it’s called APK, a yearly safety inspection which is mandatory for using the car) and an overhaul. So it’s almost as good as new!

Some pictures of the result (before I cleaned and waxed the car), click on the image for a larger version (will open in a new window/tab):

 Volvo 240 244 rear wheel arch repaired restored welded replaced repainted  Volvo 240 removed rust rustless sill holes repaired welded  Volvo 240 new rear wheel arches rust welding repainted
 Volvo 240 new inner door doorstep sill after welding respray  Volvo 240 fixed weld inner sill doorstep repainted  Volvo 240 sedan after restoring welding fixing repaint
 Volvo 240 after welding paintjob restoration  Volvo 240 after restore from rust welding respray with new taillights  Volvo 240 after restoration welding repainting respray with new rear lamps



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