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New redesigned bushings for the idler arm of Volvo Amazon, P1800, 140 and 164

A very common problem of the Volvo Amazon, 140/164 and P1800 is the bushing of the idler arm will wear out very quickly. Fortunately there is now a very good solution available for it: a bearing-mounted bushing with grease nipple. If your car uses the bushing with Volvo part number 671444 this new solution will be much better than the replacement parts that are now sold: the reproduction bushing (671444) are in most cases very bad and already worn when they aren’t installed yet (the rubber that’s being used in these reproductions is very bad). And when the bushing is installed it won’t last very long (in most cases it’s completely worn out within one year). So Kevin de Leuw designed a new bushing that will last forever and handles much better!

Idler arm bushing with grease nipple Volvo part 671444
Drawing of the new designed bushing that replaces Volvo part 671444 (click on the image for a larger version) 

This is the bushing you’ve got to have for your classic Volvo!

It uses the old technology (like the old Amazon models had until 1965) of grease lubrication which is very reliable. The system has been computer-designed with Cad 3D and has been tested for some while and the results are excellent!

The new bushing will fit on the following cars:

  • Volvo Amazon and Amazon Combi of 1966 and newer
  • Volvo 1800 series of 1966 and later
  • Volvo 140-series (142, 144 and 145)
  • Volvo 164

Kevin de Leuw offers the redesigned bushings for € 65,– (or $ 72,–) excluding VAT and shipping costs. For installation you’ll need Loctite that will help to secure shafts and bearings into their housings. Kevin also offers a 50ml bottle of imitation-Loctite for € 7,50 (or $ 9,–). An installation guide is included.

Volvo idler arm with new type bushing assembled replaces 671444
The new type bushing installed on a idler arm of a Volvo 164 (click on the image for a very large version) 

Please note: although the new type bushing is tested very well and designed with great care Kevin de Leuw isn’t responsible for any damage due bad installation.

Since Kevin doesn’t have a site and doesn’t want to receive spam, just mail me at info@volvotips.com and I will forward your e-mail directly to Kevin.

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