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The transformation of my Volvo 240 sedan – part 1

My good old ’86 Volvo 240 sedan has some rust on the wheel arches and sills. Since rust never will disappear by itself I decided to fix these bad spots. But I can’t weld myself, so Kevin the mechanic decided to weld the 240. So we started this partial restoration about one and a half week ago and after 1,5 weekends the Volvo 240 is almost another car, thanks to Kevin!

Check the video below to see the rust and other bad areas of my Volvo 240.

Since I can’t weld I grinded and put pully and filler on the areas that didn’t need welding and I fixed the headlight reflectors and taillights. I also resprayed the sill mouldings since they were painted white by the previous owner. Now they’re in the original black color which looks a lot better!

Stay tuned for part 2 (which will be the final part) of the transformation of the Volvo 240!

I also took a lot of pictures during the transformation. You can see these pictures below (click on the image for a larger version, it will open in a new window/tab).

 Volvo 240 242 244 245 rust wheel arch
The wheel arch has some rust
 Volvo 240 inner sill door rear left before
Also some little rust on the sill
 Volvo 240 rear door sill after grinding
After grinding the rust is gone!
 Volvo 240 front drivers side left sill rust
Some rust on the front sill at the driver’s side
 Volvo 240 front left sill door after grinding
After grinding a lot of putty was coming off, but there wasn’t any rust left
 Volvo 240 rear right wheel arch sill rust hole
The rear right wheel arch is in a very bad condition, just like the rear part of the sill
 Volvo 240 rear right sill rust hole bad repairing
A strange hole at the upper part of the sill (again: the right / passenger side of the car)
 Volvo 240 front right passenger side rust in sill hole
Another strange hole and a lot of rust at the front passenger sill
 Volvo 240 right sill during removing rust grinding
During grinding the hole is getting bigger and more rust is appearing
 Volvo 240 removing rust before welding bad repair
A small metal part is coming off and has some welding spots. It means this part was used to get a (small) dent out of the sill
 Volvo 240 front door rust in sill
Another bad repair: after grinding a lot of putty was removed and the small hole was getting bigger
 Volvo 240 244 245 rear right sill part removing rust
Even more rust is appearing during grinding. The rear sills are the weakest parts of the Volvo 240 series
 Volvo 240 wheel arch removing rust grind repair inner
The inner wheel arch has also a lot of rust
 Volvo 240 removing rust rear right sill grinding wheel arch
Another view of the rust at the wheel arch and sill
 Volvo 240 rear right sill rust falling apart
A lot of rusty debris is coming off the Volvo 240


 Volvo 240 left front inner sill door after grinding
The left front sill after grinding: no rust, so it doesn’t need any welding
 Volvo 240 repairing sill right side welding part 615251
After welding a new body sill part, it looks much better!
 Volvo 240 after welding new sill body part
Another look after welding. But it isn’t ready yet: the inner wheel arch needs replacement
 Volvo 240 moulding trim sill before painting
The sill trims are in bad condition and needs a respray
 Volvo 240 moulding trim sill spraying primer
After grinding and some layers of primer
 Volvo 240 moulding trim sill after first layer of respray paint
I repainted the moulding trims in the original black color
 Volvo 240 sedan old left rear lamp tail taillight dull before
The taillights are in bad condition: pretty dull and some cracks in the plastic lenses
 Volvo 240 with new rear taillight
After I replaced it with a secondhand (but much better) taillight. Unfortunately the sedan taillights are new pretty hard to get
 Volvo 240 sedan old rear lamp taillight dull broken cracks before
Before: dull, some cracks, holes and even parts missing! Time to replace it
 Volvo 240 sedan new taillight rear unit after
After replacing the 240 taillight: shiny and as new. Much better!
 Volvo 240 front before replacing headlamps reflectors
The headlights of my 240 are pretty rusty, so it’s better to replace it
 Volvo 240 242 244 245 260 264 headlight lense with rusty reflector
A close look on the headlamp: the lense is in good condition but the reflector is very rusty
 Volvo 240 242 244 245 rust rusty reflector part 1372380
The old reflector
 Volvo 240 front new headlamp reflector part 1372380
The replaced headlight with new reflector. The used units had new reflectors in it when I bought it at a forum
 Volvo 240 front replacing headlights new old reflector
One down, one to go!

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