KdL Automotive Volvo onderhoud voor youngtimers en klassiekers Middelbeers Brabant

Volvo goodies I bought at the Volvobeurs event

Last weekend the yearly classic Volvo event called “Volvo klassieker beurs” was held in Nieuwegein (the Netherlands). It’s a very nice event to meet new people and see old friends who shares the same hobby. This year the Classic Volvo Club (in Dutch: Volvo Klassieker Vereniging) moved to a new location since the old location, Veemarkthallen, has been closed and last year’s location (Gorinchem) wasn’t available. I have to be honest: the location this year wasn’t great. Normally all classic Volvo cars were parked by model / type on a reserved parking lot, but this year the cars had to be parked on a public parking which wasn’t next to the expo where the event took place. Not the best option, but fortunately the organisation managed to get many Volvo cars on the parking. The restaurant of the expo was very bad (bad food, high prices) and the expo hall was very small, resulting in a very crowded area (while the expo hall on the first floor was almost empty). But you’ll never know how good (or bad) an expo is unless you’ll try it. Better luck next year!

Since my Volvo 240 DL is for sale and the 740 & V70 has a lot of options and accessories I didn’t really have a wishlist of items I was looking for. But I thought it would be a great idea to find every brochure and catalog of the cars that I have owned (I also collect model cars of the Volvo cars I had). So I bought a couple of brochures: a brochure of the 1990 740, a modelyear 1987 240 (just like my 240) and a 850 Estate 1993 brochure. I also bought a new yearbook of Volvo, a Volvo S40 model car and a Volvo C30 STCC cap. And I also bought something for my girlfriend: a Volvo 740 miniature in a pink package (she loves pink and drives a 740).

Volvo brochures goodies Volvo 740 760 miniature Matchbox star car
The Volvo goodies I bought, and the Volvo 740 miniature model car

I also took some pictures of some nice Volvo classic cars and shot a lot of videos of several Volvo cars. Check the pictures here and the videos can be found at the Volvotips Youtube-channel.

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