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Bad news for classic car fans in The Netherlands

After the Dutch elections on September 12 this year, a new government has been presented today and they also presented their new plans for the next 4 years. Unfortunately there is very bad news for the Dutch classic car and oldtimer-fans: the exemption for the road taxes for classic cars has been banned by the […]


Volvo goodies I bought at the Volvobeurs event

Last weekend the yearly classic Volvo event called “Volvo klassieker beurs” was held in Nieuwegein (the Netherlands). It’s a very nice event to meet new people and see old friends who shares the same hobby. This year the Classic Volvo Club (in Dutch: Volvo Klassieker Vereniging) moved to a new location since the old location, […]


Flushing the automatic gearbox with Powerflush – the review

A month ago I posted my 2001 Volvo V70 would receive a Powerflush treatment to replace and flush the automatic transmission fluid. Since I drove about 1.000km (625 miles) since the Powerflush treatment I decided to write a review about Powerflush and share my experiences. Well: here it is! The Volvo-dealer changed the ATF of […]


My Volvo 240 DL 2.0 is on the road again!

After being stored in a barn for more than 3 years I decided to get my good old ’86 Volvo 240 DL on the road again. I sold my Volvo 740 GL and thought it was time to get the 240 sedan road-legal and decide if I will keep it or sell it. I bought a […]