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Installing rear roof spoiler for my Volvo V70 – update

A while ago I bought a rear roof spoiler for my Volvo V70. After I painted it I installed the spoiler on my 2001 Volvo V70.

For installation there were 3 options:

  • use bolts and drill holes in the tailgate to install the spoiler (but unfortunately the thread and holes of the spoiler doesn’t match the OEM Volvo rear spoiler)
  • using double-sided tape (Volvo used this trick on the 850R)
  • install the spoiler with special kit

Since the holes of the rear spoiler did not match the suggested drilling marks of the tailgate (you can see a plus-mark on the inner side of the tailgate where you should drill for installing a rear spoiler on your V70) and the place where the drills should be made this was not an option for me. Double sided tape should be too tricky since the spoiler is pretty heavy, so I used a special heavy duty kit of Bison which should be dry and ready within 30 minutes. It took longer (about 60 minutes and the spoiler came off, but it appeared the kit should be moistened).

Volvo V70 V70N aftermarket rear roof spoiler side view close-up
A close look on the aftermarket spoiler for my Volvo V70. Unfortunately the kit is still visible. Grinding it should help, but since the kit is too flexible it could be impossible to make it perfect

Volvo V70 V70N rear roof spoiler back
The aftermarket spoiler isn’t as nice as the Volvo OEM-spoiler for the V70

Volvo V70 V70N rear roof spoiler aftermarket back view
The spoiler is a bit too high. It has one benefit: the original center brake light can still be used! Most aftermarket spoilers with a build-in brakelight are having too weak lights 


After a few months the spoiler is still very stable and mounted rock-solid on my car. Not bad! But in the future I won’t buy any aftermarket-spoilers: the fit is not excellent and installing it can be difficult. And to be honest: I think the OEM-spoiler would look much better than this spoiler.


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