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The new Volvo V40 arrived at the dealer

Yesterday I visited Volvo-dealer Kallen in Geleen (The Netherlands) and when I arrived a brand new Volvo V40 arrived, just from the factory in Gent (Belgium) where the V40 is produced. The new V40 will be available in August 2012 but some dealers have a V40 for testing and as demo-car. These V40s will both be testcars. The design of the new Volvo V40 is awesome! And it has a small detail that reminds of the Volvo P1800: the rear doors have the same small bend as the P1800-series had in the doors. Very cool!

The pictures are taken with my Lumia 800 in a dark workshop of the Volvo-dealer. You can click on the pictures for a larger image.

Volvo V40 2012 new front
The front of the new Volvo V40, the car is a lot bigger than the C30 and is actually a small V60. Notice the V40 of Johan in the background and you can see how the new Volvo V40 has grown compared with his precursor

Volvo V40 new side view ice white solid profile
The side view of the new Volvo V40 with sportsline suspension

Volvo V40 new 2012 black sapphire 451
There was also a Volvo V40 in black sapphire metallic 

Volvo V40 sportsline new 2012 back white lowered chassis
I really like the ice white color on this Volvo V40 and the lowered chassis (available as sportsline series) is a must-have on the V40
Volvo V40 2012 rear view sportsline
Another view of the back of the new Volvo V40. It will be available in August 2012

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  1. ishakp says:

    Merry Christmas to you too Rob
    Thanks for the ultra quick reply.
    The oil for the engine you did mention.
    What about the oil for gearbox and overdrive?

    • Volvotips says:

      If you have the standard M41 gearbox you can use also 20W50 mineral oil. Don’t use ATF like some people say, because it’s way too thin for your gearbox.

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