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New car! A very basic ’84 Volvo 740

Because I missed having a classic Volvo next to my V70N (I sold my Volvo 244 GL diesel 2 months ago) I started looking for a new car. It should have an automatic gearbox, power steering, a nice color and a sunroof would also be nice. It didn’t matter if it was a Volvo 200-series or a 740. I couldn’t find something which covers all those wishes but I found a nice 740 which needed some work.

It’s a Volvo 740 GL of 1984 (but it’s already ModelYear 1985 since it’s produced in October or November 1984) but it’s a very basic version: it doesn’t have central locking, heated seats or even a blue/green beam in top of the windshield! All options were pretty much standard one year later, but so be it. The car has an AW70 or AW71 (I didn’t check it yet) automatic gearbox, gray cloth upholstery and that’s it. Originally the car had blue upholstery (according to the previous owner, who works at a Volvo dealer) but it’s changed to a newer upholstery because the old interior was worn out. I also bought a set of Volvo Adhara wheels (which came from the 940 of the previous owner), which are now installed on the car.

Specifications of my Volvo 740 GL:
– B230K engine with Pierburg carburator and automatic choke
– power steering
– dark red paint
– Turbo grille
– white indicator lights
– gray upholstery
– 15-inch Volvo Adhara wheels in excellent condition
– that’s it! Not even a tow bar!

The car only has a mileage of 210.000 kilometers, which is extremely low for it’s age. But according to the institute which registers the mileages (NAP) it seems 100% correct!

Volvo 740 GL sedan 1984 MY 1985
My new red Volvo 740 GL

The car drives pretty well, except sometimes it’s pretty unstable on the road (feels like bad shock absorbers), but I drove the 740 back when it was very stormy. Other things I need to fix: indicator of the overdrive will light up sometimes (and the overdrive of the AW70/71 is working fine), resistor of the heater fan is broken (the fan only works at full speed) and two times when I wanted to start the car the starter motor immediately stopped after just one stroke. But after that the car started immediately and that problem hasn’t been seen again (yet?). On the front doors and front wing (just below the side direction indicator) at the driver’s side there’s a bit rust, but it seems it’s caused by chippings. So it isn’t very bad. The floorpanels of the Volvo 740 are in excellent condition.

In case the shock absorbers are in bad condition (I tested it by pushing down the car and release it, but it seems okay): I will also replace the springs. In that case I will lower the car with 40mm by installing a progressive coil spring lowering set.

More pictures of my dark red Volvo 740 will be uploaded soon!
Update: I’ve uploaded some pictures and more info about my Volvo 740 here.

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