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Scantech Volvo parts stops production

As I mentioned a couple of months ago on Twitter a famous aftermarket Volvo & Saab-manufacturer stops producing parts. Most Volvo classic car drivers know Scantech for its cheap (but sometimes poor) aftermarket parts.

Rumours last January said the investers of Scantech wanted to quit investing money in the company, but it seems Scantech stops being active in Europe and Asia and the name for Europe has been sold to a new owner. The new owner is Mino Autoparts (Sweden) but it seems they aren’t active in producing Volvo or Saab-parts at the moment. It’s not sure when (or if?) new reproduction of various Volvo classic parts will be started. Their new website (www.newscantech.com) isn’t active yet.

Scantech Volvo spare replacement parts

The official statement on the Scantech-website:
Scan Tech USA/Sweden AB based in Tumba, Sweden has discontinued operations outside of North America and therefore is no longer accepting any orders.

Inquiries to Scan Tech USA/Sweden AB regarding prior business matters can be made via email to scantechinquiries@gmail.com.
The Scantech brand has been sold to a new Swedish owner, committed to providing high quality Volvo and Saab parts and developing a new business with the brand.
The new company which will operate under the name “Scantech of Sweden” is owned by Mino Autoparts of Sweden.
For information about business opportunities and purchase requests of SCANTECH branded products in the future,  please contact

Scantech of Sweden

Hopefully the production of Volvo parts will be started up very soon, otherwise there might be a small problem in replacement parts for our beloved Volvo classic cars.


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