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Painting the Volvo V70 rear roof spoiler

As mentioned in a previous blogpost I bought a rear spoiler for my 2001 Volvo V70. Since my car doesn’t have roofrails the V70 isn’t as pretty as it should be: V70s without a rear roof spoiler and without roofrails seems to have a bit “sacked down” back. A roof spoiler should solve this horrible look.

The version of the spoiler I have is a version you don’t see often. The most popular version is the original Volvo spoiler. There are aftermarket versions which are a copy of the original version (including center brake light which is too weak on the copycat-versions) but the spoiler I have is a version you don’t see often. It’s made in Sweden (or: the Swedish producer designed it in Sweden but the spoilers are made elsewhere) and it doesn’t have a brake light. See the image below for an example.

Volvo V70 V70N rear roof spoiler aftermarket
The spoiler for my Volvo V70 is the same as in the image above 

The spoiler isn’t painted when you buy it, but it’s ready for painted right away because it already is set in primer. Of course those prefab paint/primerwork isn’t the best and always needs some grinding and sanding to make the surface smooth. After sanding there is a bit more preparation needed: remove all dust and dirt. I always use ammonia for degreasing (some people use brake cleaner, but it’s way too aggressive). It smells terrible but works excellent.

Volvo V70 V70N rear roof spoiler top before paintjob
The top of the spoiler 

Volvo V70 V70N rear roof spoiler downside
The bottom of the V70 spoiler 

As you can see on the image above the spoiler can be mounted by using bolts, but that won’t work very good since the holes of this spoiler doesn’t match with the original position of the holes which should be drilled in the tailgate. The best option here is to glue the spoiler, using two-component adhesive or window sealant. I think I’ll go for the last option.

After I sanded the entire spoiler I sprayed it with several layers of primer. After a couple of days drying it should be ready for painting.

Volvo V70 2000-2008 rear roof spoiler primer
After spraying the primer the spoiler is ready to be painted in metallic dark gray 

Volvo V70 V70N rear roof spoiler taped painting respray masked
After the first side is done the spoiler is being taped the other side can also be sprayed in the right color. Of course it’s better to hang up the spoiler and spray both sides at once 

I don’t have the after-photo of the painted spoiler right now, but the paintjob is pretty well done! And the spoiler isn’t fitted yet onto the car. I must install the spoiler one of these days, but since the weather is pretty bad right now it still couldn’t be done (maybe this weekend). Stay tuned for the update!

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  1. NickV70 says:

    Any updates on the fit and finish of this part?
    Would be interesting to see photos of the spolier mounted.
    By the way, where did you buy the spoiler?

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