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How to install a Yatour mp3 usb-module on a Volvo HU or SC radio

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to install a Yatour (also sold as Motrade, Ycarlink and other brandnames) mp3 USB- and SD-card module for your Volvo HU- or SC-radio. You’ll connect this unit on the cd-changer-port of the radio and this sd/usb-module will emulate as a cd-dischanger but works as a digital music changer. Since the Volvo SC- and HU-radios don’t support mp3-playback this kind of units receive a warm welcome in your car because you don’t need any cd’s anymore.

Yatour Motrade Ycarlink digital music changer mp3 usb SD module Volvo HU

Since my Volvo V70 has a Volvo HU-1205 navigation radio (which of course doesn’t support mp3-playback) and also doesn’t have a disc-changer I wanted a mp3-unit for a long time! I bought the Yatour usb-module at Motrade and is labeled as “Motrade digital music changer” (and not as a Yatour). Installation of the mp3-unit is pretty easy and Motrade sends the right equipment to make the installation a lot easier.

See the guide below how to install a mp3/usb-module on your Volvo HU or SC radio. Click on the images for a larger version.

 Yatour Motrade mp3 usb sd module radio
The complete Yatour mp3-module kit: the unit itself, the user guide, cable for the line-in, cable harness for connecing the unit to power and the radio
 Yatour Volvo SC HU mp3 usb line-in module unit
A closer look of the unit: you can use a USB 2.0 stick (USB 1.0 is also supported), a SD-card or line-in
 Yatour usb module mp3 connectors
The connectors of the Yatour mp3/wma-unit: the connector for the cd changer-port of a Volvo SC or HU-radio, the yellow wire is for power and the connector on the right is for the Yatour unit
 Posi-Tap connector
Motrade sends a Posi-Tap connector with all orders, which makes the installation of the wire for power a lot easier! Installation of the Posi-Tap is easy: strip the cable about 1cm (as you can see on the image), insert the wire through the small hole on the back-part of the Posi-Tap (the small piece on the right on the image) and insert it into the Posi-Tap connector.
 Posi-Tap installation
Thighten the cap which contains the wire and you’re done with the preparation of the power cable
 Volvo HU-1205 radio
The Yatour usb-module will be installed on this Volvo HU-1205 radio
 Volvo HU-1205 removal frame clip
To remove the HU-1205 unit press the small rectangles on the left and right of the radio. Then the (sort of) brackets will pop out which allows you to pull out the radio easily
 Volvo S60 V70 usb mp3 module installation glove compartment
In this case I want to install the usb-module in the glove compartment. Fortunately Volvo put a big hole on top of the center console at the side of the glovebox, so it’s very easy to pull the cable harness of the mp3-unit from the radio to the glovebox.
 Installation usb module Volvo HU SC radio
Back to the radio: use the other end of the Posi-Tap on the red wire of the radio connector (you might expect you should use the yellow wire, but that wire only gets power when the key is inserted) and thighten the Posi-Tap on this part. The small iron pin will cut into the red wire, so it’s connected to power
 Volvo HU-1205 installation usb mp3 module connectors
Now connect the round connector into the cd changer port of the radio (it’s the one which has most pin-cutouts on it). Almost done!
 Yatour Motrade usb mp3 wma sd module connector
Now connect the Yatour unit on the cable and you’re done!
 Volvo HU Yatour mp3 usb-module
And it’s working! The red light on the module indicates the Yatour unit is working fine (in this case I tested it with an USB-stick with mp3s). If you wish you can secure the unit with double sided tape in the glovebox


The Yatour unit works pretty good, but unfortunately it seems to have problems with big mp3-files (50mb or higher, and that makes the Yatour going wild and sometimes very slow in reading the mp3) and since I listen to a lot of livesets it wasn’t the best unit for me. So I contacted Motrade and it wasn’t a problem to return this unit and buy a Grom usb-module at Motrade. The Grom-modules doesn’t have problems with large files. But if you only use smaller mp3s (smaller than 50mb) it’s a nice and cheap solution for using mp3 and usb in your car.

3 Responses to “How to install a Yatour mp3 usb-module on a Volvo HU or SC radio”

  1. Carlnterface says:


    Nice manual. I have bought exactly the same interface (Yatour YTM06-VOLHU) through this website:

    I have installed it following your manual and everything works as expected.

    Thanks man!

  2. njay says:


    Just tried to install this bugger on my stereo a sc-805.

    I’ve done everything as according to the guide, I’ve checked that I have power, can for example charge the battery via usb so it got to have power. But it just says no changer. It does not seem to be able to find the device.

    Any advice? The red light is blinking on mine btw, should it do that or shall it glow constantly?

    • Volvotips says:


      I don’t have the Yatour anymore, but I believe the red light should glow constantly and not blink. You’re sure you’re using a good USB-stick (don’t use whitelabel sticks, but good ones like Kingston or Sandisk)? And be sure you’re using the right folder structure on the USB-disk: the Yatour mp3 module only works correctly if you’re using the folder structure as mentioned in the manual.

      Good luck!

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